Learn how to de-clutter your daily skincare routine with these 3 quick tips.

I often hear the excuse, “I don’t have time to do a full skincare routine”, when I first meet a new client.

Now, I’m not sure how long people think you have to spend on your skincare routine but I promise it’s something everyone can fit in, no matter how busy your schedule!

If it is taking you longer than 2 minutes in the morning or 5 minutes at night (assuming you wear makeup) then I really don’t know what you are doing – someone let me know, I’m curious!

Yes, I am aware of the trend for multi-step Korean type skincare routines and if you have lots of time and truly enjoy your skin routine then by all means spend as much time as you like – it can be quite a relaxing time in your day. Although Korean skincare routines were developed for the particular environmental stressors experienced by Korean residents such as very high pollution so it’s not particularly transferable to the typical skin I see in Wexford!

But if you are like most of the people I meet then you want an effective routine – fast!

Here are 3 things that you can de-clutter from your skincare routine to give you a faster application time, or more time to spend on the steps that really count:

1. Ditch the eye cream.

Use your regular serum/cream around the eye contour area. There is absolutely no need for a separate product here, skin is skin with the same nutritional requirements no matter where on your face it is located.

Dark circles or puffy eyes to contend with? Topical application of any cream will have little to no effect on these conditions.

2. Ditch the toner.

Again, there is no need for this step unless you enjoy it. Toners were originally used to remove cleanser residue.

All good cleansers are now formulated to be water soluble. If you do like the feeling of using a toner choose one that is alcohol and fragrance free.

3. Ditch the daily exfoliation.


I have written so many blogs and made so many videos on this subject that there really is no need to go into detail here. I am horrified that people still do this.

Respect your skin, don’t stress it,  it has to last you a lifetime!

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