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Lactic acid peel demo and save €60 this week!

Don’t forget to book your seasonal skin re-boot by the end of this week to save €60!

(scroll to the bottom to see my acid peel demo and hear all the details and answers to your peels FAQ’s)

October is the perfect time to think about doing a skin reboot and jump-starting your skin before winter. A great way to revitalise all your skin’s processes to banish dullness, sluggishness, improve colour and address any sun damage picked up over the summer is with a course of personalised peels.

We have a great package for you right now at Skin Essentials when you book and pay for a course of 3 peels. Normally €70 each, you will get your series of 3 for just €150, saving you a huge €60.
But this is only available when booked and pre-paid by the October 14th so if you want your glow back at a very special price call us on 053 9145981.

This is an ideal time to resurface, rebalance and renew with a mini course of skin-boosting peels.
Skin Essentials peels are blended with AHA (lactic) and BHA (salicylic) acids to smooth, decongest and hydrate your skin from deep in the epidermis giving you back a youthful radiance and skin confidence.

Best of all? Our unique peels are oil-based meaning little to no sting or downtime for you, just pop in, have your peel done in less than 30 minutes and go back about your day.

Call us on 053 9145981 to book or use our live online booking system here and choose ‘Autumn Special 3 x peels’

Before and after a course of 6 Skin Essentials by Mariga brightening peels, image taken under skin scanner to show improvements from deep in the skin.

Before and after a course of 6 brightening peels, image taken under skin scanner to show improvements from deep in the skin.

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Lactic Acid Peel Demo

Acid peels – not as scary as they sound. When you have an acid peel with us, you will always have a progressive, not aggressive, peel. Many people think that acid peels are serious treatments requiring days of hiding out while you skin sheds, like the famous scene from Sex And The City where Samantha has the sever, raw looking skin after a peel.

Those types of peel do indeed exist, but they are chemical peels performed by a doctor only. Peels of that depth, using ingredients such as phenol or TCA, are for major resurfacing on people who have scarring or want a non-surgical alternative to a facelift for deep wrinkling. In fact, some require anaesthesia and have weeks of downtime!

When dealing with the epidermis (upper skin layers) as in a salon or skin clinic setting, we are taking about acids such as lactic, salicylic, mandolin or glycolic, most of which are naturally derived and work WITH the skin, not against it. These type of peels are best employed in a series of three or more to gradually get your skin where you want it to be in a gentle manner, rather than aggressively. See the video below for a demo and lots of details about the different acids and what they are used for.



Skin Essentials by Mariga corrective facial peels

Our clinical skin peels are acid blends used to resurface the outermost layers of the epidermis, using controlled stimulation of the skin’s natural processes to achieve a certain result. Depending on the depth and type of peel chosen, superficial peels can be very effectively used by skincare professionals to improve skin condition and visibly reduce lines, hyperpigmentation, acne marks and congestion.

Photo: Before (L) and after (R) a series of lactic peels for hyper pigmentation & anti-ageing.


Peels are categorised as superficial, medium or deep. In a salon setting we are dealing with superficial peels only, including salicylic, lactic and glycolic peels in specific strengths. Do not be misled by the term ‘superficial’. Just because these peels are categorised as superficial and work on the epidermis does not mean that they can’t bring about great change in the skin and must always be used with care.
Medium and deep peels include the use of agents such as higher strength TCA (trichloracetic acid), higher strength glycolics and phenol which wound into the papillary dermis. These peels should only be carried out by a dermatologist.

The exfoliation process stimulates epidermal growth, thickening and strengthening the epidermis. Damaged skin is destroyed and replaced with healthier skin cells through the would healing process. Collagen and elastin production is increased through stimulation of the fibroblast cells via the inflammatory response brought about by temporarily lowering the pH of the skin’s surface. You will see smoother, plumper and more radiant skin with a reduction in visible lines and pigmentation.

The experienced therapist will be able to combine peeling modalities to adapt to each client but in general the rule is that lactic acid is a hydrating peel suitable for dry skin that needs smoothing and lightening, salicylic acid tackles congestion and oil issues and glycolics dissolve the bond between skin cells for even exfoliation.
Peels are usually taken in a series for best outcomes.

Pic: Before (L) and after (R) first peel in a series to reduce old acne scarring.


It is very important that the therapist has the understanding and experience to choose your peel carefully via a comprehensive consultation, as skin condition and home compliance can greatly affect the outcome of your treatment, but when the therapist has a good understanding of skin anatomy and how peels work on a cellular level then they are some of the best tools at our disposal.

At home, you  will need to discontinue use of retinol based creams for the duration of the course of peels and, of course, sunblock is very important to protect the new skin. The correct homecare serum is very important at this time as active ingredients will penetrate better and boost the outcome of the treatment as a whole.

Skin Essentials by Mariga salon treatments are based around our professional salicylic and lactic peels. Our professional peels are unique in their composition in that they are oil-based. This allows for a much more comfortable peel experience for the client as the ‘sting’ factor is greatly reduced and downtime is minimised, without compromising on efficacy. Our pre-blended peels take the uncertainty out of mixing and layering acids and we offer full product and practical training to all our Skin Essentials by Mariga agents.