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MesoTherapy – Did you know?

MesoTherapy at Skin Essentials

One of the hottest treatments in the beauty industry

Now at Skin Essentials by Mariga, Wexford, and in our Donnybrook clinic – The Hideaway.

What’s it all about?

MesoTherapy is a deep skincare treatment that gives long-lasting hydration. In fact, it gives an 84% increase in hydration to your skin by deeply infusing Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid.

Who can have it?

Everybody! This treatment is literally for everyone. For those simply concerned with prevention or the very first signs of ageing we would recommend having a once off MesoTherapy treatment.

For those with more visible signs of ageing or neglected skin we would recommend having a course of MesoTherapy treatments i.e. between 3 and 6 MesoTherapy treatments to receive the full benefits.

Before and after pic of Mariga Sheedy from Skin Essentials Wexford showing the difference after one treatment, hydrated, radiant, softer

One SmartMeso treatment, one day apart

The SmartMeso System

We combine the power of nano-needling, electroporation microchip technology and targeted scientific ingredients to supercharge your skin’s processes and give immediate, visible results on a variety of skin concerns.

The SmartMeso system includes 2 types of MesoTherapy treatments to choose from:

What are the benefits?

  • Quick Results,
  • Plump and firms the skin,
  • Hydrates the skin,
  • Skin is glowing after treatment,
  • Naturally stimulates the production of collagen and elastin – essential for skin’s natural elasticity,
  • Quick treatment with no downtime,
  • Progressive long-lasting results!

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Dehydrated skin – the lowdown.

According to the many magazine/blog articles devoted to the subject, dehydration is a major concern among skincare fans.  This is for good reason, as it is a very common issue and can affect any skin type.

There are numerous products on the market to prevent or cure it but what is it, how do you know if you have it and what really works to prevent it?

Dehydration is the lack or loss of water in our skin. It can be superficial or run deeper.

Testing hydration with our PDM skin diagnostic machine.

Testing hydration with our PDM skin diagnostic machine.

Most of us will experience superficial dehydration from time to time. It shows as sudden fine lines appearing on the face, often noticeable in straight lines around our eyes and cheeks. This is due to the temporary loss of water from the upper layers of the skin and is brought on by simply not drinking enough water for a couple of days, consuming too much alcohol on a big night out, after a sun holiday or exposure to dry heat such as when we start lighting fires or turn on the heating for the winter. Being sick, particularly with a raised temperature, will also cause a temporary loss of water. Simply drinking more good fluids will soon restore this balance in a healthy, functioning skin.

For some, dehydration will run deeper and cause more problems. Flaky, itchy, reactive problems often start with dehydration. Confusingly, this skin can also seem shiny at times, leading sufferers to think their skin is oily. In fact, this shine is from water evaporating too fast when you do drink it. The reason for this condition is actually a lack of oil in the skin. One function of the oil is to keep water in the skin where it is needed for many functions. When this natural barrier is unbalanced it can’t stop water from evaporating, leading to the symptoms outlined above.
Most of the impaired water/oil balance that I see in clients is due to using the incorrect products for their skin, keeping a bad diet or lifestyle choices that are unhealthy in general. Some medications can also contribute to dehydration.

If your skin is showing signs of dehydration here’s some changes you can make to help:

Consume more good fluids. This is the number one thing you can do for skin health. This can be from water, herbal teas (caffeine-free of course), juices, soup, fruit, vegetables and salads. Avocado, nuts, oily fish and seeds will support your lipids and slow water loss.
Protect your skin from the outside with nourishing facial oils; look for ingredients like plant butters, ceramides, squalane, jojoba seed oil, avocado seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, hyaluronic acid.

-Our Lipid Repair Concentrate will quickly help to balance a dehydrated skin. If you are very dry, try our Skin Comfort Oil instead. Use at night alone or mixed with your regular night cream.

We highly recommend Skin Comfort Cream, rich, comforting and non-greasy you can use it day or night. It was created by Mariga especially for Irish skin and Irish weather! Pro tip: mix with your facial oil for a lovely overnight treatment.

Hyaluronic+ Moisture Boost serum is rich in hyaluronic acid (the rehydration absolute hero ingredient!) to hold water in the skin. Use it under SPF during the day and/or under your night products. A must-have for anyone suffering from dehydration.
Avoid alcohol, caffeine, stress, direct heat and processed foods as much as possible.
Always be gentle with your skin. Avoid any skincare products containing fragrance or sulphates. Exfoliate only when necessary and use an enzyme based exfoliator only, never scrub.

Winter skin hero. Use alone or with Lipid Repair Concentrate for soft, hydrated, radiant skin whatever the weather. 120ml

Winter skin hero. Use alone or with Lipid Repair Concentrate for soft, hydrated, radiant skin whatever the weather.

Fun fact: too much water can lead to dehydration!!
While the skin is great at absorbing water, it’s not great at holding on to it. As the skin softens on prolonged contact with water, like during a long bath, its barrier weakens leading to water loss and dehydration, so luxuriating in the bath too often really will leave you looking like a prune!

Do you struggle with dehydrated skin? Call us on 053 9145981 or call in to our clinic, Skin Essentials by Mariga, in Selskar, Wexford Town and let us help you to get back on track.

Have you read Mariga’s e-book yet? ‘The Skincare Rules’ is packed full of simple, easy to implement tips that will help to get you great skin – for life!

The Skincare Rules by Skin Essentials founder Mariga Sheedy. Everything you need to know to get great skin, for life.

The Skincare Rules by Skin Essentials founder Mariga Sheedy. Everything you need to know to get great skin, for life.

The pressure to look good vs. the judgement for prioritising yourself. Can you ever win?


You may have seen the Late Late Show last Friday night, and the segment on botox, lip fillers etc. I did a live video on Facebook to discuss the show and if you haven’t seen it, I will link it below.

Today I want to reflect on the aftermath of the segment and the negativity levelled at the show’s guests on social media.

Something that I have come to realise from talking to so many women over the years in the beauty business is that many women feel guilty about spending time or money on themselves.

Sometimes we feel like we should be happy as we are and not place so much importance on how we look. After all, its what is on the inside that counts, right?

Well I am here to call BS on that line of thought right now! If you are happy with how you look, fantastic! If you look in the mirror and feel that the person looking back at you reflects the person you feel like inside, even better.

But for those who don’t feel that way, please don’t feel bad for wanting to look good! Balancing how you feel inside (25 on a good day, 95 on others lol), with how you look in the mirror, can be a big factor in inner peace and self-confidence.Society places an awful lot of pressure on women to look younger, slimmer, more vital, than ever before. And yet the same society will ridicule and judge a woman for turning to cosmetic surgery or injectables. Enough!

It is not self-indulgent, vain or shallow to want to look the best you can, particularly if looking great boosts your self-esteem and contributes overall to a happy life. There are no medals for ageing slowly. There are equally no medals for getting old looking before you are ready. The prizes in life, I believe, go to those who are happy in their own skin. The prize is contentment and I believe that everybody should do whatever it takes for them to feel content in their life on a daily basis, And if that, for you, means holding back the onset of visible ageing and making peace with your mirror, then that’s what you should do.

My personal preference is to use natural, non-invasive methods of skin age reversal as I prefer a natural look, but what you do is up to you. It is your face, your life, and you owe nobody an explanation! You do you. Your way!
Mariga 🙂

Facebook Video Here – Skin Essentials by Mariga reaction to Late Late Show

Facial tattoo modification

If this is your idea of happy, work it! 😀

2017: The Year of Ageing Backwards!

2016 was the year of Ageing Slowly here at Skin Essentials, with new launch of products and treatments aimed at preventing and slowing the formation of lines.

FOR 2017, we are bringing you the year of AGEING BACKWARDS, where we will focus on revision of existing signs of ageing such as lines, wrinkles, loosening skin, sun spots, age spots and visible red veins.

This is for you if:

-You are a smart, vibrant, accomplished woman.
-You have friends, family, a career that you love and are proud of.
-You feel the best you ever have in your life inside , confident, positive, happy.
-You like how you look, you don’t want to jump on the fillers/anti-wrinkle injections bandwagon. You just want to look like you, but rested and younger. The keyword here is FRESH, NOT FROZEN!

BUT for some reason your mirror isn’t working. It’s showing you a version of yourself that is starting to show ageing around the eyes, maybe the mouth. Your skin is not as bright or radiant as it was.
This can’t be you. You feel just the same inside as you did at 25!

THIS is the moment you realise it’s time to start ageing backwards.

Our generation is standing up to ageing. Our grandmothers may have had to accept wrinkles as a fact of life before 50 but we are luckier, we can say no, thanks.

This is NOT about wrinkle injections, fillers or any other invasive methods (which, in my opinion make people just look like they’ve had enhancements, smoother but, curiously, never younger, even though that is the goal. Weird).

From the New Yorker Magazine

From the New Yorker Magazine

Thanks to fantastic breakthroughs in research and development in the fields of biochemistry, corneotherapy and skin science, our generation can stand up to ageing AND to surgery. We get to have it all – naturally.

By focusing on the scientifically correct components required to build healthy skin, each individual can be assessed to discover exactly what the weaknesses in your skin barrier / cellular processes are, and a programme of strengthening homecare combined wth non-invasive clinical treatments can be determined.

Use of protocols such as microneedling, LED phototherapy, hyaluronic acid hydroporation and vitamin infusion will show amazing visible, measurable results on concerns such as crows feet, lip lines, uneven texture and loosening skin.

The benign blemishes that come with age such as sun spots, skin tags and visible red veins can be very quickly and easily banished with cryotherapy (cold) and diathermy (heat), often in a single session.

Make 2017 the year that you choose to Age Backwards with Skin Essentials.

Call us on 053 9145981 or visit www.skinessentialsbymariga.com to find out more about our Age Backwards skin analysis, available for personal customers and online for distance clients

Mariga’s tips for choosing the best serum to correct your skin’s issues

Skin Essentials corrective serums for great skin

Visible signs of ageing that can be reversed at Skin Essentials by Mariga including lines, age spots, sun spots, wrinkles, dullness, scarring, red veins

You CAN reverse the signs of ageing, even better, prevent them!

You probably know by now that serums are the most potent, most powerful of your home skincare products. They target specific skin issues and act quickly and deeply in the skin.

In this article, I hope to help you understand the special properties of each of our targeted serums and their effects on your skin. Serums are always used after cleansing and before oils or creams or sunscreens. Continue reading

Get radiant skin without makeup! Mariga’s tips.

Get radiant skin without makeup

This  has got to be one of the most-asked questions in our clinic; how to get radiant, dewy skin without makeup, especially at this time of the year as brides and mothers of the bride begin to get into full preparation swing!

While I love makeup myself, and a subtle, shimmery highlighter is a thing of beauty, faking it can only go so far. I think that numerous makeup tutorial blogs showing flawless skin contoured and highlighted to perfection is giving us an unrealistic view of makeup. These make up artists and youtubers DO look amazing, flawless and radiant but you have to remember that that is under specialised lighting. There is no way that amount of makeup in real life and natural light looks anything but cakey and flakey!

In the real world, a natural makeup looks beautiful on a skin that is already plump and radiant by itself (if you want to wear it, that is)!

So, how do you achieve a naturally radiant skin?

It’s easy really. Assuming that there is nothing wrong wth your skin that needs to be corrected (and if there is, just get in touch, we can sort that out for you), correct use of a few simple products will keep your skin bright and beautiful.

Take a look at Mariga’s video for simple product and lifestyle tips and advice to achieve radiant skin naturally. For an even deeper result book in for one of our famous power facials.


Basic Skin Essentials by Mariga products for radiant skin:

Hyaluronic+ Moisture Boost to rehydrate and revitalise

Enzyme Exfoliator to brighten and smooth

Questions? Call us on 053 9145981, drop in to us in our Wexford Town clinic or email info@skinessentialsbymariga.com

The Skincare Rules E-Book by Mariga Sheedy

Have you read Mariga’s e-book yet? ‘The Skincare Rules’ is packed full of simple, easy to implement changes that will help to get you great skin – for life!

Hydroporation – the needle free alternative to botox or fillers exclusively at Skin Essentials



Are you concerned with frown lines or lip lines?
Thinking about anti-wrinkle injections or fillers but worried if it’s right for you?

We have the answer for you!
Exclusive to Skin Essentials is a revolutionary wrinkle revision solution:

Hydroporation uses compressed air to blast hyaluronic acid through your pores and into the lower levels of the epidermis, plumping out lines by penetrating the spaces between skin cells that have gotten ‘stuck’ together from lack of hyaluronic acid, which depletes as we age.

hydroporation_1_EN hydroporation_2_EN hydroporation_3_EN

Hydroporation is the quick, simple and natural alternative to invasive injections. The fluid introduced into the skin is hyaluronic acid, a natural component of your skin’s own moisturising system. As it is native to the skin it is readily accepted into the epidermis and mixes with your own extra-cellular fluids to re-create the cushioning between the cells that gives you a plumper, revitalised, smoother surface to the skin.

Available from Skin Essentials by Mariga in its original format for plumping lip lines for some time now, we are excited to launch two great new innovations from the parent company exclusively to our clients that we know you will love. And of course the original great formula for softening ip lines is still available too!

So, what’s new?

1 Hydroporation is now available in a treatment for frown lines. Finally a solution for those ’11’ lines between the eyebrows that doesn’t require needles! (see video below).

2 New cross-linked hyaluronic acid fluid is now available for those who have already tried and liked the original formula. This new formula breaks down more slowly in the skin and therefore gives a longer-lasting result. Perfect for those who are happy with their current results and want to make them longer-lasting. As an average, if you are getting 3-4 months out of your current hydroporation shots, you can expect to increase that to 6 months with the new fluid!



€30 per shot

How many shots will you need?
That completely depends on the current condition and hydration of your skin.
As an average, upper lip needs 4 shots each session, one line between the brows needs an average of 2 shots per session. Initially a course of 3 over 6 weeks is performed, then top-ups of a single session every few months depending on which fluid is used and how well you take care of your skin at home!

An outline of a proposed course of treatment is given along with prices at your initial complementary consultation.

We highly recommend this natural alternative to injectables and it is one of Mariga’s top requested treatments. Book your consultation now on 053 9145981 and see what it can do for you!