You may have seen the Late Late Show last Friday night, and the segment on botox, lip fillers etc. I did a live video on Facebook to discuss the show and if you haven’t seen it, I will link it below.

Today I want to reflect on the aftermath of the segment and the negativity levelled at the show’s guests on social media.

Something that I have come to realise from talking to so many women over the years in the beauty business is that many women feel guilty about spending time or money on themselves.

Sometimes we feel like we should be happy as we are and not place so much importance on how we look. After all, its what is on the inside that counts, right?

Well I am here to call BS on that line of thought right now! If you are happy with how you look, fantastic! If you look in the mirror and feel that the person looking back at you reflects the person you feel like inside, even better.

But for those who don’t feel that way, please don’t feel bad for wanting to look good! Balancing how you feel inside (25 on a good day, 95 on others lol), with how you look in the mirror, can be a big factor in inner peace and self-confidence.Society places an awful lot of pressure on women to look younger, slimmer, more vital, than ever before. And yet the same society will ridicule and judge a woman for turning to cosmetic surgery or injectables. Enough!

It is not self-indulgent, vain or shallow to want to look the best you can, particularly if looking great boosts your self-esteem and contributes overall to a happy life. There are no medals for ageing slowly. There are equally no medals for getting old looking before you are ready. The prizes in life, I believe, go to those who are happy in their own skin. The prize is contentment and I believe that everybody should do whatever it takes for them to feel content in their life on a daily basis, And if that, for you, means holding back the onset of visible ageing and making peace with your mirror, then that’s what you should do.

My personal preference is to use natural, non-invasive methods of skin age reversal as I prefer a natural look, but what you do is up to you. It is your face, your life, and you owe nobody an explanation! You do you. Your way!
Mariga 🙂

Facebook Video Here – Skin Essentials by Mariga reaction to Late Late Show

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If this is your idea of happy, work it! 😀