Mission: Refresh tired eyes

Between online work and study (and maybe Netflix) like many I’ve been spending more time online than ever before over this last year. I could definitely see the effects of this on the skin and deeper structure around my eyes which were looking tired, hollow and getting lined.

For a quick solution I had two Japanese Facelift treatments over 2 weeks and the results are fab. I’m delighted with the smoothness and firmness of the skin around my eyes and general brighter skin and a fresher look. I could have had just one as the results were already good but having the second one gave me the complete refresh that I was after.

Sometimes, especially for those who are consistent with their homecare and clinical treatments, you don’t need to bring out the big guns of high-tech treatments for a skin boost, a gentle holistic approach can be the one that your skin/body needs to get back on track.

We can help you choose the best approach for you from our extensive menu of treatments from holistic to high-tech to get the results you want in a way that works best for you.

Mariga x

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