NEW Holistic Facials and Facial Reflexology Now Available

We are very excited to add some new treatments to our holistic facials menu.

There are now five different treatments to choose from and each has its own specific benefits, from skin correction to relaxation and full body wellness, below is a guide to all the holistic facials on offer from Skin Essentials by Mariga.

What will you choose?

Japanese Facelift:

Anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing. Best in a series for results on existing lines, puffy eyes and skin laxity or as an alternative to your regular facial for age-prevention every 6-8 weeks. Pairs very well with our Pyramid Facelift treatments to give a complete inside/outside approach to anti-ageing. 

€100-120 Available with Mariga and Anna, takes approx 1 hour.

Oriental Facial:

Relaxing and targeted skin treatment applying the oriental 5 element theory to relax, brighten skin, add minerals and nutrients. Gives skin a brightening and stimulating boost while being extremely relaxing and indulgent for the senses. Personalised choice of essential minerals and nutrients for your skin.                                  

€120. Available with Mariga only at this time, takes approx 1 hour.

Facial Reflexology Anti-Stress:

Complementary holistic therapy to boost all body systems with an extra focus on hormonal balancing for anti-stress benefit.  This is performed using reflex points on the face, but is not a skin treatment.    

€100. Available with Mariga only at this time, takes approx 50 minutes.

Holistic Facial:

Combines targeted skin treatment with full system wellness. Elements of Oriental facial, reflexology, crystal rose, lymph drainage, Japanese lifting will be chosen and combined to personalise. Mineral masks and natural oils chosen to suit.                                             

€120 intro price (valid August & September 2021) €140 full price. Available with Mariga only at this time, takes approx 70 minutes.

Crystal Rose Facial:

The Crystal Rose Firming Facial is a beautiful treatment for those who are concerned with softening of the facial contours and first signs of ageing. Using extracts of rosehip and natural rock salts to nourish and remineralise the skin with rock crystal lifting tools to reduce puffiness, sharpen the contours and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

€120. Available with Mariga only at this time. Takes approx 60 minutes.

All of our treatments can be booked online at our booking link or call us on 086 3823608.

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