Winter Skin Kit Christmas 2020 – new from Skin Essentials by Mariga and featuring a brand new product to our online shop!

I hear lots about dryness, dehydration and irritated skin at this time of year in general and even more so this year as we have to add friction from masks into the equation. So I have put together a kit to help combat these common winter skin issues.

When the heating goes on and the weather gets cold it is very easy for your skin to become dehydrated, this leads to tight feeling skin, fine lines, maybe even some flakiness and makeup that won’t look smooth no matter what you use. Does that sound familiar? You may have winter skin! 

Winter Skin Solution

The solution is the Winter Skin Kit. This kit contains a deep moisturising cream, a skin-strengthening oil and a calming, hydrating spritz.

The cream, Skin Comfort Cream, is one of our customer favourites and along with cellular-level moisturising, it has ingredients to reduce redness/inflammation and repair at a cellular level. With plant sterols, added Vitamin E and a host of natural plant oils and anti-oxidants, it is amazing that this manages to still be a comfortable, lightweight, non-greasy cream. 

The oil is our best-selling product, the Lipid Repair Concentrate. It is a bio-identical, lightweight oil that sinks right into the skin and repairs the barrier that has been damaged, keeping water in and strengthening skin cells for radiant, softer, healthier skin.

The spritz is a calming water-based product that contains probiotics, hydrators and lipid-repair factors to calm and hydrate skin such as hyaluronic acid, cucumber extracts and honey. A lovely addition to your winter skin routine.

Usage Tips

-Use the spritz on your skin after cleansing morning and evening. Follow with Lipid Repair Concentrate mixed with Skin Comfort Cream. Don’t forget to use an SPF as a last step in your daytime routine!

-You can use the Cucumber Spritz again thought the day to refresh and hydrate. It will even be nice to spray over makeup. Just use 3-4 sprays over your face, holding the bottle 8-12 inches from your face. Close your eyes while you spritz!

-If you are using other serums in your routine such as Collagen for anti-ageing or Age Slowly Serum, just use those first before going on to the above steps.

The selected products can be used together to prevent the typical winter rough, dry and dehydrated skin or to reduce these if already present.

Gift or self gift!

Between them they tackle all of the skin conditions associated with a move into winter such as dehydration, flaking skin, dryness and redness.

The 2020 Winter Skin Kit is a universal kit that can be used by anyone to protect against typical winter skin issues such as dryness, dehydration, irritation and flaking. It is limited edition and a great price at €125 (saving you €22 on individual pricing). As it is suitable for all skin, you can treat yourself or give it as a gift.