Daily habits for healthy skin.

Before a skin can be beautiful, soft and radiant, it always has to be healthy.

Even the very best skincare can only work on improving the skin cells that have already been created in the lower layers of your skin structure, and migrated through a maturing process up to the surface where we can see them, and work on them.

(There are some treatments such as the Pyramid Facelift Divine Pro: The Non-Surgical Facelift and Microneedling which can have a direct effect on the cell maturation process but again, the better the skin cells your body creates, the better the results you can expect).

The creation of strong skin cells depends on the health of your body, and on your age. The better your diet, the better nutrients are available to fuel the processes. Water is also vital in the life cycle of the skin cell, along with good fats.

Including varied fruit and vegetables in your daily diet, along with good fat sources such as nuts, seeds, oily fish, avocados, will supply your body with the nutrients it needs to make strong new skin cells. We can then add great skin-boosting ingredients from the outside to enhance all these processes for a complete inside/outside approach.

Along with diet there are lifestyle factors that will influence the appearance of your skin for the worse, such as stress, poor sleep and sun exposure as well as ones that will influence it for the better like exercise and relaxation.

As we age, these natural process slow down and this is where helping the skin by supplementing with active serums comes in. (Have you downloaded our free ebook The Home Skincare Guide yet? It will help you choose the best products for your skins needs)

I have created a simple daily checklist to help you get into good daily habits for your skin. Follow it along for a month and you will soon see where you need to make changes for the good of your skin.

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