Targeted care for preventing and reducing lines around the eyes

One of the first areas to show fine lines and wrinkles is the delicate eye contour area.

To help build up the strength and resilience of this area there are a couple of products that should be in your skincare routine.

The first is Hydra Collagen Serum. As we age the collagen content of our skin decreases in elasticity and also in thickness. Collagen makes up around 70% of our skin structure but we lose about 1% of this per year. It follows then that slowing down this rate of decrease (in quality as well as quantity) will have the effect of slowing the onset and progression of lines and wrinkles.

Hydra Collagen Serum supplies all the nutrient components that your skin needs to create and maintain good quality collagen fibres. Adding this powerful serum to your skincare routine as soon as you begin to notice the first lines will help keep the skin thicker, and more elastic, with increased tensile strength. Lines around the eyes will be much slower to deepen and the skin of the eyelid and brow bone will be slower to show any sagging. Usage: apply 1 pump of Hydra Collagen Serum to clean skin in the morning under your SPF day cream, making sure to include the eye contour area and upper lid.

C&E Advanced Skin Booster. Adding this intensive treatment once or twice per week will further enhance your skin’s natural anti-ageing properties. 20% vitamin C is a powerful collagen boosting ingredient while vitamin E provides the healing power of essential fatty acids to keep the lipid layers of your skin supple and strong. Added anti-oxidants such as ferulic acid further boost the repairing power of this treatment serum. Usage: once or twice per week apply 1/2 a dropper full of C&E Booster to clean skin all over face including eye contour area. Leave overnight to awaken to a radiant, smooth skin. If skin is dry you can apply your usual night cream or oil over it. I especially like to use Lipid Repair Concentrate.

Treatments: to enhance your homecare routine as a long term prevention, or to address already established lines or wrinkles I recommend microneedling as a clinical treatment. This can also be combined with LED to enhance the collagen producing effect of the needling, or with radiofrequency energy as in our Pyramid Facelift for those looking for extra lifting. All of our treatments are customised to your exact needs and can be used as an eye-area only focus or all over the face.

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Bonus tip: your diet plays a big part in creating great quality skin cells. Adding blueberries (collagen production and cellar repair) and oily fish (ceramics and essential fatty acids) are just two great foods to help improve the skin in the eye contour area.

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