Bio-therapeutic needling is the Skin Essentials by Mariga take on classic micro needling – the gold standard in long-term anti-ageing worldwide.

Micro needling – what’s in it for you?
-Younger looking, visibly firmer skin
-Progressive, lasting results
-Dramatic reduction in wrinkles and acne scarring

Bio Therapeutic Needling is an integrated advanced facial therapy combining the best of biochemistry and technology in a regenerating treatment to tighten, firm and contour facial skin while dramatically reducing lines and acne scars. Designed by Mariga, this exclusive protocol is not available anywhere else!

By uniting the power of two proven protocols – automated microneeding and biophoto therapy –  we bring the principles of corneotherapy to bear on the science of biotechnology, giving you results that are so much more than the sum of the two individual therapies.

Who is it not suitable for?
Because Bio Therapeutic Needling is a therapy that uses the skin’s own resources rather than introducing foreign materials into the skin, it is an almost universal treatment. However, if you are diabetic, haemophiliac, or otherwise have a compromised immune system this is not for you. Note: wrinkles caused by glycation will not respond to this treatment. This is relatively rare and is determined at your initial consultation before you embark on a course of treatment.

Skin Essentials bio-therapeutic needling client

Skin Essentials bio-therapeutic needling client before & after course of 6 (12 months between pics)

We have been using this therapy for some time now and continue to see great results. The longer we observe this amazing treatment in action, the more we love it!

Have you been thinking about a course of microneedling? The sooner you start the better. As the results are progressive, it will take months to see the end result (although some changes can be seen earlier). If you had started when you first thought about it, you would be well into those permanent, visible changes by now!

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Have you read Mariga's e-book yet? 'The Skincare Rules' is packed full of simple, easy to implement tips that will help to get you great skin - for life!

Have you read Mariga’s e-book yet? ‘The Skincare Rules’ is packed full of simple, easy to implement tips that will help to get you great skin – for life!