Which are the best anti-ageing products?

Probably the question I get asked the most!

At Skin Essentials we don’t like to generalise, and what may be the best anti-ageing products regimen for you may not be the best for the next person, so we love to customise routines as much as possible.

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That being said, there are of course some basics that should be in everyone’s routine when anti-ageing is a concern. Ingredients such as epidermal growth factor, peptides, amino acids, high doses of anti-oxidants and cell renewal boosters such as Vitamin A are common requirement for every skin as time goes on.

Our fantastic serums are packed with these ingredients and here are my top two for all signs of ageing:

Hydra Collagen Serum: An absolute must for everyone over 35, this works with your skin to make and maintain youthful levels of collagen as well as repairing damage on a daily basis.

With ingredients such as vitamin C, epidermal growth factor, anti-oxidants by the multitude among many others, this will be your best tool in slowing all signs of ageing.

Use in the morning under SPF30 for a complete protect and repair routine.

Hydra Collagen Serum airless pump 30ml size Skin Essentials by Mariga shop online wexford

Hydra Collagen Serum €68

Age Slowly Serum: The name is a bit of a give-away! This serum is for those who are battling fine lines, dullness and texture issues.

Also fantastic to help keep a lid on monthly breakouts, it includes vitamin A , hyaluronic acid and peptides to boost radiance, cellular renewal and normalisation of oil production.

Use at night under you chosen facial oil/cream.

Best anti-ageing products Age Slowly Serum from Skin Essentials wexford

Age Slowly Serum

Note: If your skin is dry, tends to redness or rosacea you will need to balance it by using Lipid Repair Concentrate at night for at least a month before introducing a product as active as Age Slowly Serum.

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Usage tips:

  • Serums are always used on a clean skin before any other products such as creams or SPF
  • Our products are all very concentrated and one pump of any of the serums is the perfect amount for face eyes and neck.
  • Apply to damp skin right after cleansing for optimum penetration and spreadability.
  • All of our serums are designed for face and eye area, there is no need for a separate eye product.

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