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High Tech Collagen Booster

  • Toning jawline lift with deep muscle activation technology
  • Exceed Microneedling for face & eyes,
  • Celluma, collagen boosting light therapy

Skin will be tightened, smoother, wrinkles reduced and scars reduced.

Our Celluma LED Light Therapy device helps with collagen production, reduce redness, reduce lines and fight bacteria, giving you smoother, brighter, plumper skin with fewer blemishes.

€210 (save €45), Book online HERE.

Relax & Destress Pamper Package

The anti-stress package combines two of our top requested treatments. Be pampered by Mariga and Anna in this self-care treatment package.

  • Relax and enjoy a Japanese Facelift with Anna to erase signs of stress from your face and
  • a Sacred Reflexology foot treatment with Mariga to rebalance your energies/emotions for an inside and out stress busting treatment.

€179 (save €26), Book online HERE.

Summer Skin Recovery Facial

Facial full of anti-oxidant and skin nourishing botanical ingredients.

Are you feeling the dehydrating effects of a little too much heat over the last few days? While it is nice to see some sun, it can leave your skin feeling dry, dehydrated and overheated, making any fine lines and wrinkles appear more prominent. We have just the thing for you – a summer skin recovery facial full of anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and skin nourishing botanical ingredients. Limited Edition for summer 2022.

€90 (save €10), Book online HERE.

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