As lots of you know we launched our latest skincare treatment recently. Dr. Dermica microneedling has been a massive success for us already with clients travelling from all over the country to have treatment. I believe this is due to the permanent nature of the outstanding results achievable with this protocol when it is taken correctly and combined with the prescribed home care. With treatment courses available for skin tightening, scar reduction, anti-wrinkle and pigmentation reduction, there is benefit for almost every type of skin concern in this state of the art treatment.

The two questions that are being asked the most prior to beginning a course aren’t even about the results (I think Skin Essentials clients already know we deliver!). They are: 1. Does it hurt? and 2. Will I be very red after and for how long?

1.  it stings a bit when you are having it done. For anyone who has had microdermabrasion in the past, it is a similar sensation. It feels like a prickling, itching sensation on the skin while the treatment is being applied which stops as soon as the needling is finished (around 20 minutes). If you are nervous about the ouch factor then it is possible to get a tube of Emla cream from your pharmacist and apply it to your whole face about 30 minutes before your appointment to numb the area, but most people wouldn’t bother with it, I certainly don’t.

2. Will you go red? Yes! Different skins will react differently of course but you can expect to be red for a few hours afterwards. Most clients opt to have a therapeutic phototherapy session after their needling. This increases the effect of the treatment but also reduces redness and speeds recovery time. In my photos below I have not had the phototherapy as I wanted you to see the effects of the needling as a stand alone. The initial redness fades to a light pink after the first day then fades completely in 1-2 days. Your face will feel a little tender for 24 hours or so.

I had my second treatment last week (of a course of 3) and took some photos over the following days to show the progress of the redness and how quickly the skin recovers.

Photo 1: 10 minutes after microneedling, no phototherapy.


Photo 2: Next morning just after a shower, still a little pink.



Photo 3: Same morning, mineral makeup applied, covers pink bits and off about my day as normal.


Photo 4: Following morning, 2 days after treatment, very slight pinking remaining on sensitive areas only.



I hope that helps to answer your microneedling questions, please see our Microneedling page for more information or call us on 053 9145981 to discuss this or any of our treatments.

There is also a video of the treatment on our Facebook Page that you might find interesting!

Mariga 🙂