Hi everyone,

This is a follow up blog to my first Skin Diary entry and my vlog recorded last Saturday, 7th Aug.

My skin was on fire that day! It was dry, tight and ‘prickly’ almost. I could feel my moisture levels decline in my skin since running out of all of my skincare last Wednesday (4th Aug).

It took just 3 days of missing those key ingredient’s in my skincare that this awful dryness in my skin crept up on me and pounced Saturday morning after I did a quick cleanse getting ready for work.

I knew I had to do something because I just didn’t feel right.

It’s good to note, that the ‘prickly’ feeling I described in first video might just be an allergic reaction because that particular feeling in your skin is not a ‘normal’ one. We did have a look at anything I’ve possibly introduced such as new shampoo or washing detergent, but the only thing that we could really possibly connect was the fact that I had my vaccine just under 2 weeks prior. I know I mentioned in yesterdays video that we have seen some similar skin issues in clients skin in and around this same timeframe of getting the vaccine, so there is possibly a connection. This severe irritation can last for a couple of days for whatever reason and then it tends to go back to normal.

I did also know that it was not having my key serums in my skincare that the reaction was probably worse then it needed to be, so I went straight back on to my skincare routine that evening and continued ever since. There was a dramatic change from then to now. In just a few days my skin tone brightened, dark circles under my eyes have faded, and the dehydrated fine lines around my forehead and frown lines around my mouth have lessened.

The skincare routine below was key in getting me back to a good place in my skin and this might help you too if you feel that dryness or sudden change in your skin:




  • C & E+ Advanced Skin Booster (twice a week for brighter skin tone and antioxidant boost for anti-ageing)
  • Derma Roller (my personal collection, starting to use twice a week)

“There is currently a great offer on our Pyramid Skincare Package which includes C & E+, Hydra Collagen Serum and Lipid Repair Concentrate! RRP €227, NOW €199.”

As I mentioned in my video yesterday, I have been using Hydrating Cream over my Lipid Repair every night since Saturday to try and combat the irritation and dryness, and it almost immediately soothed my skin. I will continue to use Hydrating Cream each night for this week before shifting back to every other day like I usually did before. I find Lipid Repair Concentrate doesn’t always need a moisturiser over it in the evenings.

My before and after pics (3 days apart)

If you noticed a change in your skin from possibly changing up skincare routine, lets evaluate it together. Give us a call on 086 3823608 or book in for a product matching consultation and we’ll be able to advise you on the best skincare to use for your skin.

Chat soon,

Anna x

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