You would think that perfect skin is a given for someone who works in a skincare clinic.

But, life happens, we get busy, we wear masks daily, and we are all just human.

In this first instalment Anna from Skin Essentials by Mariga tells her story of falling off the skincare wagon. Join her on her journey to getting her skin back to its best. This is a great lesson in the importance of keeping your skincare consistent, especially for those with problematic skin.

*UPDATE* After I recorded this video, I had a chat with Jane and Mariga and realised that I had my first vaccine dose just a week and a half ago, the feeling of my prickly skin today just might be a delayed side effect to the vaccine as we’ve seen similar issues in clients skin around the same length of time of when they got their vaccine, so this is another factor in considering what is up with my skin today besides being a bold skin therapist and falling off the good skincare routine wagon this week 🙈 It all comes into play!

This is the first video diary from me of getting back into my skincare routine. More to come.

(P.S. have you felt that tight, dry and prickly skin I’m describing? Let me know, we might be able to help.)

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