Needle-free wrinkle reduction: Hydroporation

The skin has the potential to regenerate itself,

but with ageing, skin loses its elasticity due to lack of moisture and natural slowdown of cellular processes, and wrinkles develop.

One reason for this is the body’s reduced production of Hyaluronic acid.

Hydroporation is an application of the Poring-Method, through which the skin gets back these natural moisturising agents.

Hydroporation, the natural way towards refreshing and smoothing the appearance of wrinkled and loosening skin using a Poring-Method, is a true world first.

Only specially educated and tested beauty professionals are certified to apply the Poring-Method. This guarantees the highest standards of quality and ensures that the PoreJet is handled properly. Skin Essentials by Mariga are currently the only skin clinic with this certification in Ireland.

The PoreJet distributes the poring fluid evenly in the upper layers of skin. The pressure of the application makes the cell layers that are stuck detach from each other.


The PoreJet was developed to enrich Hyaluronan in a gentle and skin-friendly way. The texture of the skin is cared for through an extremely fine stream from the PoreJet.

In order to enable optimum distribution in the skin, a special Hyaluronic Acid is used – Poring-Fluid. This approach to wrinkle treatment is revolutionary, as previously it was only possible to apply Hyaluronan products to the skin by means of painful injections using needles.

hydroporation_1_EN hydroporation_2_EN hydroporation_3_EN


Once in the intracellular spaces, the Poring-Fluid absorbs a lot of water. This plumps up the epidermal layers and wrinkles are smoothened.

When it is introduced into the upper layers of skin, it has a direct smoothing effect on wrinkles. The skin’s natural moisture reserves are lastingly replenished and the formation of collagen is promoted. This makes the skin look visibly younger, both in the short- and the long-term.

People using Hydroporation for the first time receive three successive applications. Afterwards, one application every three months is enough. Hydroporation provides a visible and effective smoothing effect on surface and for wrinkles in different regions.

The Hydroporation is inexpensive in terms of sustainability. Price examples can be found below:

Hydroporation can be taken as a stand-alone treatment of hyaluronic shots only or as part of a full facial service.

Shot pricing:

  • 4 shots –  €120 (for example upper lip is 4 shots).
  • 2 shots – €60.

How many shots you would need will be determined at your initial consultation. Package pricing applies for pre-paid courses.

Hydroporation facial: Deep hydrating facial with 2 shots wherever needed (more shots may be added). €120

Add-on: Add 2 hyaluronic shots to any facial from our menu for €50.


Cross-linked Hydroporation. This new, longer-lasting hydroporation fluid is administered in the same way as the basic fluid but the crossed-linked hyaluronic acid in this version takes longer to break down in the skin, giving an effect that lasts nearly twice as long!

This can be used on a client who has already had the basic version and wants to maintain the results long-term.


€35 per shot, same number of shots required as with your basic version.

before and 1 week after the application of 2 shots - one either side - in the video above.

before and 1 week after the application of 2 shots – one either side – in the video above.

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