Are you having problems with dehydrated, dry skin?

Does it feel tight even soon after applying hydrating skincare or oils?

If so, you might need to look beyond your face for the cause.

If your skin is recently going through issues like these, but your normal skincare is usually great at keeping your skin feeling and looking good, then you might want to consider looking beyond your face to find out what is really going on.

Mostly when this happens the first thing you can try is to increase the usage of your usual facial oil from once per day to twice. This will solve your problem if it is just a transient dryness caused by something like a poor sleep or a day of drinking too much coffee and not enough water. If you have tried this and it doesn’t help, you need to consider a more focused, holistic look at your whole body systems:

  • Are your hands and feet dry too, maybe you have found yourself using hand cream more often in the day without really thinking about it.
  • Are your lips drier than normal, maybe you are craving lip balm?
  • Is the skin on your legs getting dry or flaky (maybe you notice a lot of powdery skin cells flaking off when you take off your trousers, especially leggings or jeans?)
  • Are your cuticles getting hard, splitting or sore?
  • Is your hair drier than normal? Maybe you have noticed you’re getting an extra day without needing to wash it.
  • Do your eyes feel dry, tired or sore?

If any of these apply to you then the problem is more than just your face, your whole body is dry or dehydrated and the cause for this usually can be found in your diet or lifestyle, and this is where you need to make the changes. Ask yourself:

  • Have you slacked off on drinking water?
  • Have you been reaching more for processed foods or takeaway and less for fresh fruit and veg?
  • Have you started any new medication?
  • Have you been especially stressed?
  • Have you been sick?
  • Have you started a new exercise routine but not increased your water intake to match?
  • Are you getting enough good fats in your diet, maybe you need to supplement this?
  • Are you approaching peri-menopause or menopause?

If your body isn’t showing signs of dryness or dehydration other than your facial skin feeling tight then yes, tweaking your skincare routine should help. This happens a lot on the change of seasons.

If you can see other signs of dryness as listed above then you need to look at your body, diet and lifestyle as a whole to see where the problem may be occurring. If there is something unusual going on then it may be worth a visit with you GP to discuss.

Sometimes you can drink lots of water but still have dehydration issues in your skin such as dry or flaking patches. This tells us that the lipid (oil) layers of your skin are not doing their job at retaining water. Again, the diet can help, good fats (avocados, oily fish, nuts, seeds) or try using Lipid Repair Concentrate twice daily, once under your sunscreen in the morning and once at night over or mixed with your night cream. This will gradually strengthen and repair your skin’s lipid layers to work better and to better hold moisture and balance out any dehydration issues.

Do you already know why your skin is dry or it’s always been that way? Some of us are born with fewer oil glands, some have medical issues that affects the moisture balance of the body. In this case we recommend using Skin Comfort Oil twice per day, alone or mixed with Skin Comfort Cream to supply your skin with the daily lipids, from natural plant oils and butters, that it cannot for whatever reason produce by itself.

Remember, no matter what skincare you use, always apply an SPF30 as the last step in your daytime skincare.

Not sure what is causing your dryness? Give us a call or send us an email, we will be happy to help you figure it out.

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