My Sleepless Skin Diary

Sound familiar?

Hi, you might not know me but my name is Anna and I’m a facialist (plus all things digital) at Skin Essentials by Mariga here in Wexford. I am a 33 year old and mother to one active 2 year old and I’ve recently noticed how downhill my skin can get when I’m having some tough nights sleep with the little one. 

I decided to document the condition of my skin throughout the last week to grasp the good days and bad days with my skin, see where the issues lie and which skincare products in my daily regime are helping me to look less exhausted! 

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there going through the same thing, and it might not be child related. We’re here in our third lockdown, bypassing the year mark with a lot of stress going on so there might be a lot of sleepless nights for people. 

Particularly if you are in your 30’s, here are a few skincare tips that I hope will help:

A little background – I am prone to hormonal breakouts and if there’s a day where I’m wearing a facemask a lot, maskne creeps in. But in saying that, I’ve felt that over this lockdown I’ve gotten more of a handle on my breakouts and my skin has been in generally good condition, which is why it was bothering me that the lack of sleep has been disrupting my skin!

25th March – Day 4 of broken nights sleep:

This morning when I looked in the mirror it really hit me, these broken nights of sleep are playing havoc on my skin. My forehead looks dehydrated as I have fine lines more visible in that area. My eyes, especially my right side (probably because I sleep on that side) has some redness in the inner corner of my eye, fine lines are visible around the crows feet area and I have the deep inset line going down toward my cheek showing off my tiredness. My chin area is breaking out and is dehydrated in certain areas and breakouts on my upper left cheek. I just feel blah!


Morning – After rinsing my face with water in the shower, I use:

Hydra Collagen serum is created for the early ageing stage, preventing fine lines and wrinkles, giving your skin a collagen boost each morning to slow down the signs of ageing. 

Evening – 

27th March – We finally had a good night sleep after 5 days:

I really feel the good night sleep has helped my skin this morning. My skin feels brighter and I can see my breakouts are healing, although I have a new one that creeped up on my chin from wearing my mask for a while yesterday. 

I keep with my morning routine using Hydra Collagen Serum and my SPF30 moisturiser. In the evening is where it gets more interesting. 

Evening –

  • The usual night time cleanse with Skin Comfort Cleanser.
  • Lipid Repair Concentrate – my favourite serum I use almost every day (the only exception is when I use C & E+ Advanced Skin Booster) – This is a beautiful serum that helps repair my skin’s barrier. It really helps heal and prevent my breakouts, but what I’ve learned is that sleep is also needed to have good skin! With tired skin, the brightness fades. Of course it does, why have I not realised this before!
  • Hydrating Cream – I smooth a pump of Hydrating Cream on as the last thing I do before bed. It does exactly as it says on the pot! It helps to deeply hydrate my skin, especially my forehead and chin as these are problem areas for me.

30th March – Back to a night of broken sleep, but my skin is looking better:

Despite the broken sleep again last night, my skin is looking brighter today and I even look a bit more rested (amazingly). The lines around my eyes have lessened, especially that deep line from my eye to my cheek on my right side has faded. My breakouts have cleared and my general skin tone has evened out. My dehydrated forehead lines have lessened as well. Today is going to be a great day!

This evening is C & E+ Advanced Skin Booster time which I’m very looking forward to. I love the days that come around for me to use this treatment serum. I use this max, twice a week. Usually I use this Skin Booster each Sunday and Thursday night as the last thing I do before bed (I changed the days up a little this week). The morning after wearing this serum, I feel my skin is brighter, smoother and there’s definitely a subtle glow putting more pep in my step.

So what I’ve learned over this last week of being all over the place, is stick to the skincare routine and try to go to bed earlier (for me anyways as Alanna was waking at 2am and 5am), also taking my time each day with work and child rearing, to try and reduce any stress I might needlessly add in to the mix of tiredness.

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Do you have any advice for me? What do you do in your daily skincare and life routine when you’re feeling stressed and tired? Let me know, email x