Here we go again, as lockdown extends once more for personal services,

those of you with appointments in April will need to reschedule into May (or June??)

Of course you can just give us a call on 086 3823608 or email if you would like us to do it for you, just let us know a couple of possible appointment times that will suit you and we will confirm availability for you.

However, the quickest way to get your appointment confirmed is to pick your preferred time online and confirm it there and then yourself. That way no one else will grab the appointment time you want ahead of you while we wait to connect via email!

If you have an existing appointment with us, you will have received a confirmation email at the time of booking (or rescheduling). Simply go back to that email and follow the simple steps below to get your new time locked in:

If you have already confirmed your appointment with us your email will look like this:

Just click on the reschedule button (circled in the pic above), pick your new time and you will get an instant confirmation email. Done!

If you have not yet confirmed your appointment your email will look like this:

In this case click on the three dots (circled in pic above) and this will bring you to the rescheduling menu. Pick your time and it will be confirmed by email straight away.

If you have cancelled your last appointment and have not yet rescheduled it, here is the link to make a new appointment. Just click and it will bring you to the page to choose your date, time and service.

We really can’t wait to reconnect with you all, please let us know if we can help you with your appointment or with anything else at all. We are still here for advice, posting out products and general chats 😊

Mariga x