At Skin Essentials by Mariga, some of our most loved skincare products are from our Skin Comfort range.

When your skin is dry, fragile, reactive or even chapped these are the home skincare products to choose.

Skin can become compromised for a variety of reasons:

  • Exposure, working outdoors in all weather
  • Medical reasons such as a consequence of some medications or treatments such as chemotherapy
  • Dietary issues – problems in the gut can block absorption of nutrients leading on to compromised skin quality

Whatever the reason, the aim is the same – to soothe, moisturise and calm the compromised skin barrier.

We do this by providing nourishing, anti-inflammatory and protective ingredients in gentle formulas that concentrate on healing rather than stimulating the skin. When your skin is compromised it is not the time to think about anti-ageing skincare, the cells have enough to do trying to calm and repair. Right now, you need to give your skin the help it needs to rebuild. Bio-identical botanicals are key, butters, (non-fragrant) natural oils and anti-inflammatory extracts are your skin’s best friend.

The products you need:

Skin Comfort Oil will quickly restore comfort and suppleness to the skin. Use twice a day on clean skin either alone or mixed with Skin Comfort Cream, which will add the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant power to help your skin’s own healing process.

To gently cleanse in the evening, without stripping natural oils or moisture, use an oil cleanser. Our Skin Comfort Cleanser will cleanse skin, remove makeup if worn and add essential fatty acids to your skin.

Remember, always use SPF as the last step in your daytime routine to protect against further stress and damage to the skin from UV rays.

All products are available to buy in our webshop.

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