Oncology Skincare Therapy

We are delighted to announce the launch of the latest addition to our skincare services

Oncology Skincare Therapy is a specialist branch of advanced skincare designed especially for those undergoing cancer treatment. During and after chemotherapy there can be many side effects on the skin such as dryness, flaking and tightness. This goes beyond what we would normally consider ‘dry’ skin symptoms and can be very uncomfortable indeed. The symptoms can range from mildly irritating to severe enough to affect your quality of life.

Did you know? Your health insurance policy may allow for rebate on reflexology treatments.

At Skin Essentials, we have specialist training in understanding and managing these skin-related side effects.


Our new Japanese Facelift and Oriental Facial are both suitable to have for those who have been through chemo or radiation

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Award plaque for best oncology skincare therapists

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What does Oncology Skincare Therapy Involve?

  • We have a specialised consultation pertaining specifically to your current medical treatment which allows us to understand exactly what anti-cancer medications you are on and how they are likely to affect your skin.

  • We have created a special facial protocol designed especially for the specific skin challenges experienced by chemo patients. This is modified for you at each treatment to reflect your current needs. It is deeply relaxing as well as skin supporting. This is a superficial restorative skin care treatment to help build up the health of the skin, by using only safe, non-invasive skin care ingredients and protocols.

  • If you have experienced hair loss we can also treat the scalp and ears as part of your treatment, but only if you want us to.

  • We can advise on and recommend the best homecare protocols for you to use to combat dryness (xerosis) on face, hands, feet, nails and body.

  • We understand your need for privacy and will never ask you to wait in our public reception area. You will need to take your wig or headscarf off for treatment if you are wearing them due to hair loss. We will supply a sterile head covering for your comfort if you prefer not to have a scalp treatment.

  • We understand the need for infection prevention practices and use sterile disposables and hospital-grade cleaning products in all of our treatment rooms. If there is any suspicion of your therapist coming down with a cold or otherwise not feeling 100% well, we will offer you the choice (before you arrive) of seeing another therapist or rescheduling your appointment.

  • We understand that you feel differently on a day-to-day basis and will sometimes have to cancel an appointment at short notice. Our normal 24-hour cancellation policy will not apply to oncology facials.

  • We will not tire you out by talking too much. You may choose to have our initial consultation form emailed to you to fill out at home, before attending for a facial or advice session, if you wish. On subsequent treatments we will only ask if anything has changed with your meds, treatments or skin since your last visit. Then you can go to sleep!

  • Located in Wexford, Town, we are easily accessible to those travelling from around the county, from Waterford, Carlow, Wicklow and Dublin for treatments and of course our webshop is available for purchase of products for delivery throughout Ireland and the UK.

  • Our facial bed is fitted with Comfy Client Cushions which can be adjusted and placed for maximum comfort, taking into account any areas of post-surgical or post-radiation tenderness. This client comfort system was developed for maximum comfort and support in any position and is NHS hygiene-approved.

Our Services

Note: when we say cancer /oncology skincare, we mean helping you to deal with the side effects of all cancer treatments for all types of cancer as the side-effects relate to the skin. We do not mean helping you to deal with skin cancer. We are a non-medical skincare clinic and all services offered are to support you in keeping your skin comfortable while you go through your medical treatment.

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