One rosacea treatment that I have found to help greatly with controlling the visible symptoms of redness, flushing and bumpiness is microneedling.

It may seem counter-intuitive at first that stimulating the skin with micro-fine needles can actually calm the symptoms of rosacea, but it does exactly that.

It works by stimulating collagen production in the dermal layer of your skin which strengthens and thickens both the dermal and epidermal layer.

This means that the skin is more resistant to the triggers that cause the redness and flushing normally associated with rosacea. Over time it also reduces the rough and bumpy texture that some forms of rosacea produce.

If you have breakouts with your rosacea then you can still have microneedling but only at times when the skin is calm, not during an episode of breakouts.

A course of three is recommended to see best results (6 if you also have deep lines or acne scarring) and these are taken 4 weeks apart. You will also need to use appropriate homecare to complement and boost your treatments.

This will be recommended for you based on a consultation before treatment begins.

Our Exceed Microneedling treatment is also available with an LED light therapy session which can be very beneficial for rosacea-prone skin, helping to further calm inflammation and speed up healing.

See this treatment option HERE.

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