Long gone are the days when a facial was either simply a relaxation experience or a torturous blackhead extraction process. 

Pic showing two types of facial - one relaxing spa like, the other cutting edge technology with LED lights from Skin Essentials by Mariga clinic Wexford

When I first trained, there was not much in-between these two extremes.

Fast forward almost three decades and the humble facial has evolved into a powerful tool in the health, wellness and beauty arena, becoming a mini science project performed many times during the course of every day in the Skin Essentials treatment rooms!

Now, almost without exception what each client wants is an improvement in the quality of their skin, whatever that might mean or involve for them as an individual.

For example, one person might be really bothered by bumpy, uneven skin texture while another can be obsessing over fine lines or pores or redness. Very different complaints but ultimately they want the same thing – smoother, tighter, clearer, brighter skin.

We create a bespoke plan for each client to get you to your ideal result. Everybody needs some combination of texture, colour, elasticity and damage correction. We balance your programme for your exact needs and that is why we get lasting results. No two facials are the same because no two skins are the same.

We have many tools at out disposal from old-school electrical frequency machines designed to aid extractions or promote relaxation of the skin tissues, through to cutting edge NASA-researched low level light technology.

Our most in-demand tools are microneedling for improving and refining the quality and appearance of almost any skin and LED photo modulation used for skin brightening, tightening and also for accelerating the results from all the other modalities.

Between them, these machines combined with custom-prescribed homecare routines, can modulate almost all skin concerns and bring each customer the skin they want when they first contact us. Most importantly all our therapists are continually upskilling and keeping up to date with the latest education in order to bring you the best possible advice in homecare and clinical treatments.

Isolated annoyances like red veins, skin tags, sun spots and milia are also in our firing line! When you book in for a custom skin treatment, we can add these removal services on to your skin treatment or they can be booked as a stand-alone appointment.

Classic, skin conditioning facials are still available of course. These types of treatment are ideal for maintaining the results you achieved from your initial course of correction, or, for the rare few who begin a skincare regimen long before life has shown up on their faces, a prevention treatment can be performed every few weeks.

Even these facials have benefited from major upgrades and while they still feel relaxing and spa-like, the ingredients being used are all cutting edge actives, penetrating deep in the epidermis and boosting skin cell performance.

I think how I would sum up the biggest difference in skin treatments now is that the approach has moved from peeling away layers to reach new, unblemished skin cells, to supporting and promoting skin health and appearance through infusing and introducing beneficial ingredients that help the skin work better at all levels, giving you skin that acts younger for years longer with higher collagen production and lower levels of ageing inflammation.

This approach is a longer-term one, but is ultimately more skin friendly and lifetime-results driven, unlike old-fashioned peels and microdermabrasion type treatments that were all about instant gratification with not much thought for the long-term skin outcome.

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