Praxis Vertebralis Advanced Spinal Manipulation
Duration: 2 days, February 19th & 20th 2024
Location: Golden Egg Holistic Centre, Portlaoise
Suitable for qualified reflexologists, massage therapists or any other qualified wellness professional with anatomy & physiology qualification
CPD certified, certificate awarded by the Lone Sorensen International Reflexology Institute
Course Content
• Theory of the Tibetan Medicine
• Posturology, observations of the body posture.
• The influence of the postural problems on the physical and emotional
• The central nervous system.
• The dermatome maps.
• The map of neurological areas and points of the foot corresponds to the
spine and spine nerves.
• Analysing method.
• Correction of postural problems through feet.
• Treatment method of the physical spinal line.
• The “emotional” map corresponding to the spine.
• Treatment of the emotional spinal line
Course Overview
Neuro foot Reflex Therapy Praxis vertebralis is a method developed by Lone Sorensen
that focuses on the relationship between bodily structure (primarily the spine) and body
function. Learn how to make adjustments using the spine line of the feet to correct
structural alignment problems to assist in healing the body.
This unique therapeutic approach goes beyond merely correcting physical posture In
contrast to conventional therapies, Neuro Foot Reflexology takes a direct path to your
clients’ well-being, navigating the intricate network of the nervous system. Its magic lies in
the swiftness of its response, delivering the quick and enduring results you’ve been
Whether you choose to employ it independently or alongside traditional
reflexology, facial reflexology, or any other body therapy technique, Neuro Foot
Reflexology therapy equips you to offer your clients a transformative experience.
Your feet bear a map of the spine, meticulously etched with 31 micro-areas,
each intricately connected to a spinal nerve. This ingenious system enables us to stimulate
the entire body with remarkable simplicity and unparalleled effectiveness.
As we delve into the intricate web of connections between spinal nerves and vital organs,
glands, senses, muscles, emotions and more, this method empowers us not only to
analyse but also to harmonise all of the body’s functions from these micro-areas.
It’s a symphony of holistic healing, skilfully conducted by your expert touch.
At the heart of this transformative therapy lies the wisdom of Tibetan medicine, providing
the bedrock for understanding how to address the root causes of illnesses and disorders
through a balancing of the body posture.
Neuro Foot Reflexology therapy isn’t just a therapy; it’s a transformative journey toward
total well-being, where the complex interplay of your body’s interconnected systems finds
harmony, and vitality is rekindled.
Join us in this profound journey and become the beacon of health and wellness your
clients have been yearning for.

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