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Stress, overwork, overwhelm, constantly busy lives –

All these commonplace things have a huge effect on our health, emotions and of course our skin. Managing stress has a huge impact on how your skin looks, as well as on the results achieved from skin treatments, especially those advanced treatments used for anti-ageing and also for acne.

Skin Essentials clients will be used to us recommending many different stress-management techniques to you over the years, from massage to yoga and meditation. 

With these new holistic treatments, particularly facial reflexology, we are now able to bring complementary health treatment in-house to offer you a full service, from inside to out. Of course, this also means that we can tailor your relaxation treatments to your skin needs too – two birds with one stone!

We are particularly happy with the new scope to first work on balancing the hormones and stress that can influence skin appearance and results first, before moving on to high-tech interventions. This means that the results are quicker and deeper from your advanced skin treatments such as Pyramid Facelift.

We have had fantastic results on skin rejuvenation and lifting already, by combining packages of blended treatments including Pyramid Facelifts, Japanese Facelift and/or Facial Reflexology.

At an initial consultation your skin, health and emotional balance will be considered and a perfect, personalised plan created for you.

See an example of a blended treatment plan here:

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