We are so thrilled to have had the lovely Ciara O’ Callaghan come down to us yesterday.

She’s so stunning, what do we offer her!? 

We decided to create something new for Ciara to suit her busy filming schedule so we could take into account occasions that she couldn’t have any downtime. This is something that many clients are concerned with, whether it is filming for prime time TV or your weekly Zoom meeting, there are times that you can and can’t have downtime.

The Pyramid Plus gives us flexibility across two different treatment types:

The high-tech power of the Pyramid Facelift (usually a few days of being pink/red) and the deep, anti-stress and muscle lifting results of the Crystal Rose Firming for when you need  fast turnaround.

This package includes…

Taken close together, 4 treatments across 3-4 weeks.

This package addresses all signs of ageing PLUS extra focus on any area of special concern. 

This is also a great option for those clients travelling to us from another county, or if there is an event coming up and you are on a limited timeframe to get optimum results.

This series will rewind years off your face and set you up for slower ageing into the future.

Package Price: RRP €1030, Special Offer €950.

Available to buy online now:

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