Holis-tech, what is this new treatment?

You will love this treatment when you feel like you have lost the old you in the mirror. If you look tired, dull and older than you’d like,  this super restorative skin treatment will give you back your old glow (remember when we could take that for granted…the good old days 😂)

The holis-tech (i.e. holistic-tech) facial combines hi-tech radiofrequency skin tightening with the holistic Japanese facelift for a super facial that works on the skin AND the underlying structure of connective tissue and muscle for a total lifting and radiant result that you can see right away.

Radiofrequency waves tighten the skin and boost collagen production while the manual muscle manipulation of the Japanese facelift reshape the structure to lift and plump the contours.

This is quickly becoming one of our clients favourite treatment types, and one of ours too.

The treatment takes at least 90 minutes and costs €245.

Right now this treatment is only available with Mariga so spaces are limited.

Book online HERE.

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