Mariga’s personal skincare journey – a story of compliance and commitment.

No deterioration in pore size and refinement in 5 years!

No deterioration in pore size and refinement in 5 years!



At Skin Essentials by Mariga we ask all our clients to take a big leap of faith with us. Namely, to trust that the advice and recommendations that we give you today will bear fruit long into the future.

Every product we recommend for you, every treatment choice and all of the lifestyle advice given are designed with the same result in mind – to give you gradual, progressive and sustainable results, for life!

Of course we take care of any temporary issues and conditions in the first few weeks to months of corrective skincare, but after that we have one eye always on the goal of anti-ageing.

Ageing gracefully, but very slowly, is our mission.

To help you to put this concept into real terms, I have made the video below to show you the results on my own skin of great daily skincare and targeted treatment choices, charted over a five year period in photos and numbers.

For reference, here is a typical day in my home skincare routine:









Rinse with warm water and a microfibre cloth.
Apply Hydra collagen Serum (anti-ageing) mixed with a few drops of Hyaluronic+ Moisture Boost Serum (plumping and revitalising).
Follow with Skin Comfort Cream on days that I am feeling a bit dry or the weather is very cold.
SPF30 over the top.

Cleanse with Skin Comfort Cleanser and a microfibre cloth.
Apply either a mix of Lipid Repair Concentrate/Skin Comfort Cream (to maintaining lipid balance and strengthen skin barrier)
Overnight Repair Cream followed by Skin Comfort Cream (anti-ageing and repairing).

In winter I tend to go for the Lipid Repair 4-5 nights a week, with the Overnight Repair Cream the other 2-3. In the summer I switch it around.










For clinical treatments I tend to keep it very simple. I am a big fan of microneedling for anti-ageing and have that done 3 times a year (after an initial course of 3).
I only exfoliate my skin a few times a year, and that tends to be if I have repair work to do such as after being sick or at a change of season, and will do this as part of an express facial followed by an LED rejuvenation, every couple of months or so.
Once or twice a year I use hydroporation needle-free hyaluronic acid plumping system to keep the area around my lips plumped up and line-free. As I am only using this as a prevention I keep the dosage low and infrequent, usually doing it before a big event, although this can be used in a series of 3 for anyone who already has lip lines to reverse.

Do have a look at the video for my before and afters and let me know your thoughts!

Mariga x


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Have you read Mariga's e-book yet? 'The Skincare Rules' is packed full of simple, easy to implement tips that will help to get you great skin - for life!

Have you read Mariga’s e-book yet? ‘The Skincare Rules’ is packed full of simple, easy to implement tips that will help to get you great skin – for life!




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