Introducing our new Age Slowly Facial

– a beautiful blending of technology and touch.

The latest product in our Age Slowly Series has arrived – The Age Slowly Facial.
Created by Mariga for those who are serious about their anti-ageing routine, this beautiful facial boosts the effects of your homecare routine and helps maintain youthful collagen levels and visible radiance.

You know that we often incorporate LED into our facial treatments here at Skin Essentials because it deepens the effect of everything else we are using, as well as being an amazing stand-alone treatment when taken in a series.
Well, now we have taken our love affair with LED even further and created our first full light-based facial treatment.

The Age Slowly facial from Skin Essentials by Mariga blends technology and touch to create a blissful facial that boosts collagen production and radiance.

The Age Slowly facial uses multiple types of lightwaves in this anti-ageing facial to give you an instant radiance that makes it perfect for before a big night out or event.
The 30 minute power facial utilises red, blue and green wavelengths to boost collagen, calm any breakouts and reduce redness in the skin. As if that wasn’t enough, we also combine it with ultrasonic waves to energise skin cells and boost product absorption. Oh, and there’s a fab facial massage too to get circulation going, nourish the skin cells and bliss you out. And that’s just the express version! €50

Choose the 60 minute treatment and you get all the above PLUS an intense 30 minute light therapy session under our famous Celluma LED machine for maximised results while you relax deeply (most people sleep!). The most powerful LED device available giving the deepest results, our Celluma is our favourite piece of technology in the clinic. Highly recommended. €89

Launching right in time for you to book before attending any of the fab cultural events lined up for this years International Opera Festival, Wexford Spiegeltent or Fringe Festivals. Or to revive your skin after too much socialising!

Click here to book this beautiful blissful facial now or call us on 053 9145981 to schedule your appointment.