LED light therapy has got to be the most versatile treatment modality available now in advanced skin clinics. It is natural, safe, can be used by every skin type and the results we are seeing here at Skin Essentials by Mariga are fantastic. Our clients are experiencing deep skin rejuvenation giving them brighter, radiant, tighter skin that looks and acts years younger. It is also priced to be accessible to everyone, making it an ideal treatment for those on a budget or to have if you are saving up for advanced anti-wrinkle or scar reduction using microneedling. It will improve the skins appearance and strength and also prep the skin for even better results from advanced correction treatments. To make it even better value for you, we have created the Celluma Club (limited to 10 people per month). See the video for details or continue reading below…

Join our LED Celluma Club!

As the effects of the Celluma LED are cumulative, the ideal way to use it at the beginning is as often as possible! The machine can be used every day for 30 minutes and after the first month a maintenance programme of once a week is ideal.

To help you get the most from your biophototherapy treatments with us our experts have created the Celluma Club. Unlimited sessions of the Celluma treatment for 1 month for an amazing €200! Remember, it is usually €40 for a single light treatment. Fantastic for first time anti-ageing clients who want to dramatically accelerate the results of their new skincare programme. A must-do for acne too.

We LOVE our Celluma LED device so much that we have two here  in our Wexford town skin clinic! LED light therapy can be used as a stand alone treatment to treat ageing by boosting collagen production or to calm acne by neutralising bacteria. We often use it in combination with another therapy to deepen the results of each. As well as being versatile, it is customisable to each skin condition and can be used on even the most fragile skins which may be contra-indicated to other modalities.

Photo of client receiving Celluma light treatment as part of the Skin Essentialls by Mariga Age Slowly Facial

LED Biophotonic therapy is a light-based non-invasive treatment used to treat the signs of ageing in facial skin and also used in the treatment of acne.
LED Biophotonic Therapy works deep in the cellular structure of the skin in a non-invasive manner to promote collagen production, reduce redness, reduce lines and fight bacteria, giving you smoother, brighter, plumper skin with fewer blemishes. As always, homecare is vital too and you will se exceptional results when you combine this advanced skin treatment with the correct homecare products from our scientific skincare range.

LED uses a technology first developed by NASA to help with wound healing in space.
It’s aesthetic application uses the device to deliver light deep into skin tissue to promote growth.
The mitochondria (energy components) of the cell are stimulated, colour-sensitive chemicals are activated, skin cells are re-energised and collagen production boosted.

Skin Essentials are proud to be the first skincare clinic in Europe with Celluma Biophotonic Therapy. The Celluma machine’s unique application of the technology (slower, longer pulses in a mouldable panel) allows for the most powerful effect, combining multiple wavelengths of blue, red and infra red light in the same session to give your skin a power super-boost in a very relaxing treatment.

Biophotonic therapy can be used as a stand-alone treatment when taken in a series for anti-ageing or acne, or a single session can be added on to your prescribed facial or peel treatment to supercharge your results. It is an exceptional add-on to our gold microneedling treatment, speeding and boosting results.
As the light waves are working on a deep, cellular level you will find that positive changes in your skin’s appearance continue to occur for weeks and months after your initial course. These can be enhanced by monthly single-session top-ups and use of the correct skincare for your skin’s needs.
Single 30 minute session €40

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