Double cleansing:

In most cases using our Skin Comfort Cleanser with a microfibre cloth is a complete cleanse on its own. Remember that skin is an organ partly of excretion, it is always working to push towards the surface, and to keep dirt/pollutants/bacteria out, so we really need to concern ourselves only with the surface when cleansing.

But there are some times when I consider a double cleanse to be appropriate:

  • When you are wearing an extreme long-wear or extremely pigmented makeup.
  • If you live/work in an area of high pollution you may need a deeper pore-cleanse daily
  • If the skin is compromised in such a way that you need to help the excretion process, for example in a congestion-prone skin that tends to blackheads/whiteheads it may be necessary to add a second cleanse or a toner to address this problem. Usually this will be a glycolic or salicylic based product.

You don’t need to use two separate cleansers to perform a double cleanse, unless you want to for any reason. Using the same cleanser, appropriate for your skin, twice is fine.

When cleansing (single or double) always remember to be gentle with your skin. You don’t have to scrub, let the cleanser do the work. Apply, massage in gently, remove without dragging the skin.

If you are using our Skin Comfort Cleanser you do not need to use a separate eye make up remover. However if you choose to use one always do this step first, then proceed with the full face cleanse.

You will never need to double cleanse in the morning, if you choose this method of cleansing keep it to night time only.

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