There have been TWO new additions to our top requested anti-ageing treatment this year, how exciting is that?

  • Now deeper, faster treatments for intense lifting of the lower face.
  • High intensity one-off lift and rejuvenate treatments for those who can’t get to us for a series, or don’t want repeated downtime.
  • Solutions for those who have thickened or sun damaged skin that needs deeper stimulation or has shown to be resistant to anti-ageing treatments in the past.

From our Divine Pro platform (you might know it as the Pyramid Facelift machine) comes the Voluderm Deep and the Voluderm Intense.

Voluderm Deep:

  • Targets the deepest skin structures for intense lift and tightening.
  • Suitable for deeply lined, sun damaged or thicker skin.
  • Top choice for mouth, jawline and neck rejuvenation (treatment is full face).
  • Available as a single for general rejuvenation, plumping and tightening or as a series of 3 where more work is needed.


Voluderm Intense/Express:

  • An ultra high-powered version of our original Voluderm Lift
  • A full face treatment for general rejuvenation and tightening
  • Reduce lines, volumise cheeks and hollow eyes, tighten skin and contours, resurface.
  • Choose when time is your main issue
  • Perfect for maximum results from one visit, this one is great for our long-distance clients
  • Use as an annual top-up after a series of regular Voluderm or Pyramid Facelift

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  • Voluderm Regular €300
    • series of 3 €800
  • Voluderm Deep €350
    • series of 3 €900
  • Voluderm Intense/Express €350
  • Pyramid Regular €395
  • Pyramid Deep €450

Mariga and the Skin Essentials Team x