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EPM SmartMeso – hydrate, smooth and plump demo video and pics

I’m really excited to share some results of our new EPM SmartMeso treatments with you.

Launching on April 18th (11th for those of you on our VIP launch list, see below), the EPM SmartMeso treatment is all about deep, lasting hydration, plumping and dewy skin. Using a combination of electroporation and nano-needling we can infuse hyaluronic acid and vitamin c deep into the epidermal layers to work on the skin from the inside out.

Results are smoother, brighter, healthy looking skin with results that last much longer than a traditional facial.

On our model we were targeting the lower face in particular (although each treatment is full face, eye area and neck) as that is where she felt she needed some change. The slight creasing around the corners of the mouth were of particular concern to our model, along with general dehydration/dryness/dullness.

After just 2 sessions of the new treatment you can see the fabulous results and changes in the skin, all achieved in a natural way with little downtime.

close up of the mouth peri oral area before and after two treatments of EPM mesotherapy hyaluronic acid and vitamin c infusion at Skin Essentials by Mariga, skin is noticeably smoother, more even in colour and texture and hydrated and plumped.

Before and after 2 treatments

More than a facial, but without the downtime of more intensive procedures, each treatment course is tailored to your needs and can be taken as a single treatment in place of a regular facial for longer-lasting hydration, or as a course to deeply revitalise skin that has become dull, sluggish or neglected for any reason.

To get on our VIP list and access Early Bird Specials in advance of our official launch just pop your details in the box below and we will contact you when the specials are released!

Demo – New Dewy Skin Treatment from Skin Essentials by Mariga

Here is a quick clip of our lovely Anna having the latest deep hydration and radiance treatment from Skin Essentials. The SmartMeso EPM (electroporation microchip treatment!) launches on April 18th. To avail of our early bird offers you need to be on our VIP launch list – get the details here: p.s. Newsletter subscribers – watch your inbox today for an exclusive look at Anna's before and after pics!

Posted by Skin Essentials by Mariga on Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Read more details on this exclusive new treatment here.

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Product layering, choosing and using, some FAQ’s answered!

Here are some of our most common questions we get asked at Skin Essentials by Mariga.

See our latest FAQ’s below:

1. Are Skin Essentials products suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, the whole ethos behind the product range is to create a line of products which are free from all known irritants. All Skin Essentials by Mariga products are free from fragrance, sulphates and colourants.

2. How do I know which products are right for me?

We love to see as many people as we can personally to analyse their skins needs and prescribe a tailored programme. Our advanced skin analysis service has been specially developed to comprehensively assess your unique skin problems and solutions.

For geographical or other reasons it is not always possible to visit the clinic so you will find a distance analysis form on the website for those who can’t. Just fill it out and we will take it from there.

Prefer to talk to someone? You can always just give us a call to discuss you skin concerns on 053 9145981.

3. When is the best time to apply my products?

Any time! The important thing is to use them; they won’t work in the bottle. We can make out a suggested homecare routine taking into account your available time, lifestyle and commitment level. It doesn’t matter whether you apply the products day or night except for SPF which must of course be used during the day and Overnight Repair Cream/ Age Slowly Serum/ Blemish Control Cream which must only be used at night.

4. In what order do I use them?

Thinnest to thickest is a good general rule. Serums are always applied to a freshly cleansed skin followed during the day by your SPF or at night by your treatment cream.

If using both water and oil based products, the water based one must be used first with any oily or creamy product layered on top. It is not necessary to wait between layers, Skin Essentials by Mariga products absorb and get to work very quickly.

5. When can I expect to see changes in my skin?

This varies between individuals and you will be given guidelines at your assessment, but generally speaking surface issues will be resolved within a couple of weeks, deeper changes such as stimulating sluggish oil flow or boosting collagen production take up to 3 months and acne and rosacea take at least three months to correct.

It is necessary to be patient, a lifetime of incorrect treatment takes time to correct but with compliance you will reap the benefits far into the future.

6. I’m following my regime but my skin feels dry, is this normal?

In the first few weeks of your new regime it is possible that your skin will go through a period of feeling dry or tight. This is usually due to the fact that most mass market skincare is full of surface conditioners such as silicones or mineral oil which sit on the surface of the skin and while they feel nice, they can’t change any cellular dysfunction.

Skin Essentials by Mariga products are designed to absorb fully, penetrating deeply into the epidermis where they can correct cellular function. Your skin will miss the ‘greasy’ layer it is used to at first but as your skin becomes hydrated from within, this feeling will go.

To make your skin feel more comfortable during this ‘withdrawal’ period I recommend layering your products onto a still-damp face after cleansing as this will lock in water. For those with very dry skin to start with I recommend using two drops of Skin Comfort Oil under your moisturiser until your skin is producing more oil by itself.

Also, this can be a sign that you are not drinking enough water so make sure you are getting your eight glasses a day.

For more information call us on 053 9145981. You can also shop our products online 24/7.

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Easy skin tag removal

Easy skin tag removal – exclusive in Wexford to Skin Essentials by Mariga.

Affecting both men and women, skin tags tend to be found mostly on the neck, torso and armpits although they can appear anywhere.

Skin tags are extremely common and it always surprises me that more people aren’t aware of how quick and easy it is to get rid of them!  If you are one of those just read my easy guide below and find out how we can get rid of your skin tag(s) – fast.

Small to medium skin tags:

Some people have just a single skin tag to be removed – from the size of a pin head to the size of a grain of rice fall into the small to medium category and I usually treat those with diathermy – using a short wave electric current on a tiny probe to dry out and ‘wither’ away this type of skin tag. It takes no more than 5 minutes, subject to a clean consultation, and generally a single session is all that is needed. For multiple small to medium skin tags we can do up to 15 minutes of treatment in a single session, taking off 10-20 depending on size. The smallest are gone immediately after treatment and the bigger ones fall off a few days later.

Skin tag removal on the nose, before and after

Skin tag removed and healing nicely – one week after removal

Large skin tags:

For larger skin tags, from a grain-of-rice size up to as large as a bean-sized lesion we usually use cryotherapy, or freezing off, to remove. Again, this is a very quick treatment and one session is generally all that is needed for a medium sized tag, the larger ones may need a second top-up after 3-4 weeks. Using cryotherapy treatment, the skin tag reduces in size and falls off within 7-10 days of treatment on average.

-We do a consultation with each client before a skin tag treatment to determine the best type for you (cost of consultation is fully redeemable against treatment).

-Both short wave diathermy and cryotherapy removal give scarless results, unlike removal with a scalpel.

-All colours of lesion, from pink through to red or brown are treatable.

-The more ‘attached’ the growth, the more likely it is to need a follow-up session.

-We will always advise you at initial consultation whether we think a single treatment will be enough or if we anticipate needing two sessions.

-Our diathermy and cryotherapy clinic days are Thursday 10-6.30, Friday 10-5.30  and Saturday 9-2.

Read more about diathermy and cryotherapy services from Skin Essentials by Mariga here

Questions? We are happy to answer your questions on skin tags or any other aspect of your skin. You can call us on 053 9145981 or drop in to us at our skin clinic in Selskar, Wexford Town.


Are you high risk for premature ageing?

Photo showing clasped hands of all skin colours to illustrate different skin colours and melanin density as regards sun or UVA UVB vulnerability. Blog post on premature skin ageing in light skin types by Mariga, Skin Essentials, Wexford, Ireland. Advice and tips in the article to combat melanin deficiency and ageing

Does your skin colour put you in the high risk group for premature ageing?

Skin can be classified according to colour/melanin density. The scale used in skincare to classify each skin colour is called the fitzpatrick scale and it divides skin colour into six categories called Fitz Types 1 – 6. Hair and eye colour are also taken into account when determining your fitz type.

We take your fitz type as a basic unit of information when determining suitability of treatment as it gives us an idea of how your skin will react to certain stimuli such as heat or light. We also combine your classification with lifestyle factors discovered at your initial consultation for example sun exposure, sunbed use and genetic factors such as presence of the red hair gene in your family, to help determine the level of biological ageing in your skin and therefore your potential for premature/slow/fast ageing.

Many native Irish people will have a Fitz type of 1 or 2. While these are often lovely, fine-textured skin types, unfortunately belonging to one of these groups also means that you (and me!!) are at a high risk for premature ageing of your skin.

But, knowledge is power, and once we know your skin’s vulnerabilities we can help balance them with the correct homecare and clinical treatments.

Homecare products especially suitable for Fitz 1 & 2:

  • Hydra Collagen Serum for anti-oxidant repair and prevention of ROS.
  • SPF30 – vitamins anti-oxidants.
  • Overnight Repair Cream, vitamin A plus anti-oxidants and plane oils to nourish, increase cellular turnover and repair damage. A real star performer in skin protection and anti-ageing.
  • If the skin is also dry incorporate Lipid Repair Concentrate to provide lipid-soluble nutrients and strengthen cell membranes

Clinical treatments ideal for slowing the premature ageing associated with Fitz 1 & 2:

  • Microneedling is your best friend here. If you are under 35 go for needling lite as a repair and prevention. It is combined with clinical ingredients to both stimulate and nourish cellular processes. From 35-45 we recommend Micro-fusion which combines cosmetic microneedling with epidermal infusions of actives such as plumping hyaluronic acid or energising vitamins. 
  • Over 45 or already showing the changes in colour, texture or wrinkling associated with premature ageing? Uplevel to one of our Divine Pro series of treatments for deep revision.

Other things you can do…these include all the basic sun safety steps such as ALWAYS using and reapplying SPF outdoors in sunshine, keeping out of the hottest hours, especially between noon and 3pm, wearing hats and long, loose sleeves and long trousers or skirts as much as possible. It is important for everyone to wear SPF even in winter but even more so for the low Fitz types as your skin will be more susceptible to UV damage. Remember, it is sun LIGHT that does damage, not just heat.

Testing hydration with our PDM skin diagnostic machine.

Testing with our PDM skin diagnostic machine.

Not sure what your Fitzpatrick Type is? We can assess it for you along with risk analysis for your holiday destination and repair/prevention advice. Call us on 053 9145981 to book your 30 minute consultation and start today to prevent premature ageing.

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Skin Texture issues? Solved with Trifractional Resurfacing

Is your skin texture the issue that is bothering you?

-Bumpy or rough feeling to the skin?

-Enlarged Pores?

-Dull, patchy surface?

-Acne scarring?

-Ongoing congestion in the pores?

Then you need to know about TriFractional Skin Resurfacing using the Divine Pro technology.

Combining a shallow type of microneedling treatment with radio frequency energy, the skin’s surface is gently but thoroughly resurfaced to leave it smoother, brighter and a lot more even.

With typical downtime of just a few hours and results visible from the very first treatment, we know you will love this just as much as we do!

From having a single treatment to rejuvenate and smooth minor texture issues, right through to an intensive series for scar revision, we create a programme exactly right for you. By combining this incredible technology with corrective homecare products adjusted for your particular skin’s needs, we both correct the issue and prevent it from happening again. 

When treating texture, we use a shallow needle array to direct the radiofrequency exactly where we need it within the stratum corner / upper epidermis, meaning the treatment is applied only where needed, giving a quicker recovery time.

From stand-alone TriFractional to treat superficial skin texture issues to combination therapies targeting deeper issues and scarring, we have almost limitless options to customise your resurfacing treatment.

Give us a call on 053 9145981 or drop in to us at our Wexford Town clinic (find us in Selskar, right next door to the Selskar Bookshop) to find out how we can help you today.

You can also book your complimentary Divine Pro Consultation online on our live booking system

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Animated pic of trifractional application to the skin showing depth of penetration into epidermis

RF energy is targeted exactly where needed.

Before and after pics of eye and lip lines following first pyramid facelift treatment

Before and after picture of indented acne scarring showing dramatic improvement in depth and colour after a series of Pyramid Facelift Treatments from Skin Essentials by Mariga in Wexford Town

Pitted acne scarring treated with Pyramid Facelift technology at Skin Essentials by Mariga


New Eye Treatment


For many the delicate eye area is the first to show signs of ageing such as fine lines or fatigue.

Our new Eye Area Treatment has been created to specifically address the particular eye area concerns of first fine lines, uneven texture and fatigue for both men and women.

This is an amazing one to choose when you are happy with the level of ageing (or lack of it!) on the rest of your face…

…and you just want to specifically target the eye area with a more advanced treatment without having to invest in a full face treatment when you may not need it all over.

Combining lymph drainage techniques to relieve puffiness, microneedling to stimulate collagen and reduce the first signs of fine lines and skin laxity, and a seaweed-based mask to supply essential minerals to the skin cells while reducing signs of fatigue such as heaviness under the eyes.

Each treatment takes just 35 minutes and can be used as a stand-alone to banish temporary under-eye issues that arise as a consequence of late nights, or a series of 3 will work a little deeper if you need more revision.

Book our *Specialist Eye Area Focus Treatment incl. Microneedling* online: Cost €90 for a single session, or save €30 on a course of 3 for just €240. Call us on 053 9145981 for more info.

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Does your Boss deserve a treat this Boss’s Day?

It’s International Boss’s Day coming up on October 16th!

We have just the thing to get you in the Boss’s good books and to show your appreciation.

international boss's day, skin essentials by mariga, gift ideas, wexford


Originated in the US in 1956, International Boss’s Day has caught on as a way to show the appreciation employees have for their boss.

So we have a few gift ideas up our sleeve to help mark this special occasion:

  • Gift Card – With a gift card you can’t go wrong! At Skin Essentials by Mariga, you can buy a gift card online or in our Wexford clinic from the amount of €50. This gift card can be used against any of our products and treatments so the choice is up to the boss.
  • A special Coffee! – If your boss is anything like our boss, they’ll love a nice, strong, fancy coffee. If you’re workplace is near a good coffee shop, pop in and include a little note on the cup to say ‘Thanks for being a great boss!‘. This is the perfect Boss’s Day treat 🙂
  • Luxury Facial – There’s no better way to show your appreciation for all the hard work your boss does then to gift them 45 mins of pure relaxation from our luxury facials. Suitable for both men and women. (Mens facials include a special hot towel massage)
  • *STAR BUY* Hydra-Collagen Serum – Our celebrity favourite serum is our anti-ageing hero! Full of all the ingredients the skin needs to keep up the rate of collagen production.
We could go on, but for more gift ideas pop over to our online shop…
international boss's day, gift ideas, skin essentials by mariga, wexford, skincare