Introducing a new self-care package treatment for face & feet this week at Skin Essentials, I know you will love this one if you are feeling (or looking) tired, stressed or just not like your usual self.r.r.

I’ve been thinking so much recently about self-care and the deep need we all have for some relaxation, healing and nurturing after all the traumas of the past couple of years.

As you may know, my background is in complementary health and energetic healing, long before I became a skincare therapist, and I’ve been feeling strongly compelled to return to this kind of work over the last few years, both as a stand alone physical and emotional healing therapy, and combined with skincare to enhance outcomes of all your skin treatments. (Remember your skin always reflects what is going on throughout your body so the healthier and more relaxed you are, the better your skin will look).

I have already reintroduced my personal favourite of the healing therapies, reflexology, into my work and brought in some new holistic facials and treatments.

I love that these treatments have been so well received by you and continue to add advanced knowledge to evolve the treatments even further.

This week I have added the ultimate in self-care treatments to the menu, to include both foot reflexology and a specialised anti-stress facial massage blend of techniques. It’s two hours of total relaxation and I highly recommend it!

Relax deeply during this blissful session of wellness-boosting and balancing holistic treatment. A foot reflexology treatment addresses any imbalances in the emotions, mind, or energy channels and signs of tension in the face are gently eased away via specialised anti-stress and lymphatic drainage techniques. Allow 2 hours for this beautiful self-care treatment.

You can book Mariga’s new Wellness & Relaxation Face & Feet package Here