How is Skin Essentials by Mariga different from the rest?
-We treat the cause of skin problems, not just the symptoms, giving you real, lasting results.
-Consultation and analysis: we never sell any corrective or advanced products or services without skin assessment and consultation. As our products contain active ingredients which are proven to impact skin function at a cellular level, they need to be matched correctly to skin condition. We are currently the only professional salon brand insisting on this practice, and we believe this is why our results are out-performing others.
-We believe that homecare is the key to long-term skin management and our protocols are built around first rebuilding with home care then correcting with clinical treatments.
-We are passionate about protecting skin health and barrier integrity and our line is 100% fragrance, colour and sulphate free in line with our guiding principle of protective corneotherapy.

-We CARE about your skin, your progress and your results as much as you do. We are in this together!


Skin Analysis
Key to our successful skincare programmes is our comprehensive skin analysis and skin health coaching. This initial consultation is the starting point for all of our corrective homecare and clinical protocols. We are the only skincare experts in Ireland qualified in the international gold-standard Pastiche™ method of advanced skin analysis.
During this 90 minute appointment your skin will be analysed using the latest digital skin scanning technology and examined manually under diagnostic light sources. All contributing lifestyle factors will be examined and their role in your current skin condition are explored and explained with recommendations and education for correcting these going forward. These factors include medical history, nutrition, cosmetic history, genetics and other factors.
These factors will be assessed as a whole to determine your personalised skincare programme which will be outlined and written down for you. Notes on all arising issues will be provided, as well as a detailed recommendation chart including usage instructions and pricing.

Book your skin analysis now and begin your journey to great skin, for life.

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PDM machine heads

Scientific Skin Analysis – the PDM™ is available in Ireland only from Skin Essentials