New for the winter season – warming at a cellular level with Thermie Herbs / Oils.

We are big fans of therapeutic incense here at Skin Essentials (you may have noticed that we use frankincense in many facials, as well as in our fragrance burners). This is to obtain the therapeutic benefits, not just to smell nice!

A new addition to our holistic therapies is the Thermie Incense Ritual, a lovely warm introduction of beneficial herbs  applied to the hands or feet. Depending on preference, I can use the smoke from warm incense or an essentials oil version to achieve the same effect. This is a lovely addition to your treatment to help the body recover at a cellular level after an illness or injury.

If this is something you would like to experience as part of your holistic journey at Skin Essentials, whether you are booked for a holistic facial, reflexology or Japanese facelift, just let me know and I will have it prepared for you.

  • According to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tibetan Medicine, when a person catches a cold or feels the “winter blues” may indicate that he has too much cold energy in his body.

  • The difference between temperature and essence is vital in supporting energy balance and staying healthy during the winter season. 

  • We can use Thermie Reflex therapy to support warmth and balance in the body, warm and comfort the body, support the kidneys, and more.

Japanese Kryptomeria (Cryptomeria japonica)

Artemisia princeps pampanini

Japanese Mispel (Mespilus germanica)

Genus Pinus (Pine)

Dipterocarpus turbinatus


Nellike (Dianthus)

The herbs increase the skins blood flow and cellular metabolism, and help new cell generation.

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