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How to layer your Skin Essentials by Mariga products for best results

Serums, oils, creams, SPF…there are a lot of different products that we use on our skin these days and how you apply them and in what order DOES matter.

Here is my guide to layering:

I hope that helps, do let me know at mariga@skinessentialsbymariga.com if you have any questions or any suggestions as to subjects you would like covered in future blogs and videos.


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The power of water

One of the most basic requirements for skin health and youthfulness is water. All the cells and systems of the skin are dependent on the presence of water to function. Drinking eight glasses of water a day is the first step towards having the smooth, radiant skin we all desire.

Many people tell me that they forget or they don’t like water or even that they are afraid of having to be near a bathroom all day if they drank the required amount (don’t worry, this isn’t the case), but there is no other way around it. Skin needs water and the only way to obtain it is by drinking it. Without your commitment to this step the effectiveness of your skincare regime will be reduced.
It is perfectly fine to put a few drops of lemon or lime juice in to flavour it if you find that more palatable, it doesn’t have to be plain water. Also, any other ‘good’ fluids that you drink during the day will count towards your total so include juices, soup, soft fruits and some herbal teas* in your diet. The ‘bad’ fluids are those containing caffeine or alcohol as these are diuretics and will reduce the total amount of available fluid to your body systems.
It is best to sip constantly throughout the day to maintain hydration levels. Remember if you feel thirsty this is your body’s way of telling you that you are already becoming dehydrated.
Drink up and enjoy the benefits to your skin.

Bio Therapeutic Needling – Worldwide Exclusive at Skin Essentials

Skin Essentials bring you the future of skincare, NOW.

The next generation of microneedling is here, first and exclusive!!

Bio Therapeutic Needling is an integrated facial therapy combining the best of biochemistry and technology in a regenerating treatment to tighten, firm and contour facial skin while dramatically reducing lines and acne scars.

By uniting the power of two proven protocols – automated microneeding and biophoto therapy –  we bring the principles of corneotherapy to bear on the science of biotechnology, giving you results that are so much more than the sum of the two individual therapies.

What’s in it for you?

-Younger looking, visibly firmer skin

-Progressive, lasting results

-Dramatic reduction in wrinkles and acne scarring

Who is it not suitable for?

Because Bio Therapeutic Needling is a therapy that uses the skin’s own resources rather than introducing foreign materials into the skin, it is an almost universal treatment. However, if you are diabetic, haemophiliac, or otherwise have a compromised immune system this is not for you. Note: wrinkles caused by glycation will not respond to this treatment. This is relatively rare and is determined at your initial consultation before you embark on a course of treatment.