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Live interactive skincare Q&A sessions with Mariga

New interactive advice service from Skin Essentials by Mariga

Have you seen our live Facebook broadcasts yet?

Launched last week, these interactive Q&A sessions with Mariga give you the chance to have your skincare question answered by the experts!

We will run this new free service every week with a different theme. (This weeks was cleansing, click on the image below to see a re-run). Once per week Mariga will announce the date, time and topic of the live broadcast and you can leave your question as a comment on the announcement post and it will be answered during the live session, or you can comment or question live.

Simply like our Facebook page to get the announcements. Once you are a page fan, you can subscribe to live broadcasts to make sure you always know when they are coming up and what the topic will be.

Please do let us know in a comment on our Facebook page if you like the idea of these new interactive sessions, what time of day/day of the week suits you best, along with any questions you would like answered in future broadcasts.

Click the photo below to see a replay of out live Q&A on correct cleansing.

Mariga 🙂


Click for Facebook live replay

Choosing the right Skin Essentials products for you – when to seek advice

Choosing the right Skin Essentials products for you – when to seek advice

Without a doubt, consistently using the correct products for your particular skin type, condition and issues will have a fantastic effect on the quality and appearance of your skin. Of course, using the wrong products for you will have the opposite effect, causing imbalance, inflammation and poor condition.

At Skin Essentials by Mariga, we divide our products into two categories to help you get the best possible results. These categories are universal products and corrective products.

The universal products are super high-quality, skin-supportive everyday products that can be used by everyone to maintain skin health and beauty and to prevent poor condition occurring from everyday influences such as weather. These can be bought and used without consultation, although we are always happy to advise you if you need help.

Our corrective products, on the other hand, are targeted to very specific conditions and issues such as rosacea, acne, pigmentation, and skin that has in any there way broken down, become unresponsive or just plain gets on your nerves! These products must be matched to your skin’s requirements by one of our specialist team in order to achieve the correction you need. While none of our corrective products used incorrectly will cause any damage to your skin, neither will they give the desired result unless used for the right reason and in the right way.

Scroll below the video for a list of our universal and corrective products:

Universal products in the Skin Essentials Range are as follows:

Skin Comfort Cleanser – all skin types
Enzyme Exfoliator – all skin types
Hyaluronic+ Moisture Boost Serum – dehydrated or devitalised skin conditions
Lipid Repair Concentrate – all skin types requiring oil balance, a must for dry skin especially
Skin Comfort Cream – use day and/or night on normal to dry skin after serum
SPF30 day cream – use as the last step in a morning routine on all skin types
Lip Comfort Balm – a must for dry lips
Hydrating Cream – use at night for oily skin

The above products are perfect to create a daily routine in any of the basic skin types of dry or oily (or somewhere in between!) For any additional issues just get in touch with us and we will advise you on the next step.

All other products are specifically targeted for various skin issues and are best used as part of a prescribed programme recommended by one of our specialists.

Find out more abut each product and buy Skin Essentials products here

Call us on 053 9145981, pop in to our Wexford Town clinic or email info@skinessentialsbymariga.com and we will be happy to help you get the best products for your skin.

More press coverage for Skin Essentials by Mariga – Irish examiner interview.

Irish Examiner interview with Mariga from Skin Essentials

Irish Examiner interview with Skin Essentials’ Mariga

We are delighted with the latest press coverage for Skin Essentials by Mariga. It was a real pleasure to chat with such a well-informed and savvy beauty journalist. Rachel Marie White of the Irish Examiner really knows her skincare and we talked non-stop about all things skin.

We have had great feedback and a lot of new enquiries since the full-page piece featuring Mariga’s top skincare advice was published last Saturday.

If you missed it, here is the link to the online version:

Full text here:

Mariga Sheedy is the founder of Wexford skin clinic Skin Essentials by Mariga, and has developed a range of professional and at-home skincare under the same name.

Over 25 years of beauty experience, including positions in national and EU industry bodies, have made her a dream skincare guru. In a business fond of quick fixes and brand-funded studies, she takes a long-term, cause-first approach to each client’s care.

Her assessments and treatments are based on independent research by dermatology superstars like Dr Albert Kligman and Dr Peter T Pugliese. Skin Essentials by Mariga products are entirely comprised of high-quality ingredients with well-established benefits. I’m a fan of Sheedy’s writing and v-logs on what really works, and was quite keen to ask her what doesn’t.

Easy on the exfoliants

“Over-processing is one of the most common problems I treat, and over-exfoliation in particular. It really began when microdermabrasion became fashionable about ten years ago. If you have a strong chemical peel or a microdermabrasion session you get a beautiful polished result initially. The impulse to keep chasing that is understandable but very unhealthy for skin in the long term, so we try to reeducate clients. Constantly stripping of the skin’s natural defence layer (the acid mantle) will weaken the health of the skin over time, resulting in premature ageing. Exfoliants should be used with caution. If you have a Vitamin A product in your home care, for example, it provides a minute amount of cell renewal each day. This is really all the exfoliation normal skin needs. A fruit enzyme very gently exfoliates skin with low or no tolerance for Vitamin A. I recommend a pumpkin enzyme that is very well tolerated, like my Enzyme Exfoliator, €38.”

Fragrance isn’t skincare

“Your skin doesn’t recognise fragrance, so perfumed products will always trigger an inflammatory defensive response. Anything that’s not native to skin will trigger that response. Obviously we can’t source skincare ingredients from human sources to put into our skin cells, so we look for bio-identical substances in the marine and plant worlds. Fragrance will never be bio-identical.”

You don’t need a separate eye cream.

“The skin around your eyes is just slightly thinner, it has the same cells with all the same requirements as those on the rest of your face. Treat them the same and don’t forget to apply SPF. I’ve never used an eye cream or recommended one to my clients. There is nothing that a topical product, no matter the quality, can do for puffy eyes or dark circles. Those issues are either hereditary or medical issues. I find it so unscrupulous that marketing should target people who feel vulnerable about them.”

You shouldn’t need a makeup primer.

“I prefer to treat the cause of a skincare problem rather than concealing the symptom. If skin is balanced, you will not need a primer and makeup should retain its lovely finish. Our Hydra-Collagen Serum, €64, which is rich in bio-fermented sea kelp, creates a nice makeup base, but that’s just a happy coincidence. Also, if you have dry skin issues, repeated exposure to silicones [the prevalent ingredients in most primers] can make them worse. Makeup will start to patch.”

Mariga Sheedy
If you use sunbeds, we won’t treat you.

“There would be no point, we’d be wasting our time and your money. Similarly, if you aren’t protecting your skin with a broad-spectrum SPF product daily, there is little point in spending money on antioxidant serum.”

There is no cure-all antioxidant.

“Like water and sun protection, antioxidants are vital for keeping skin healthy. They repair damage that has been done and fight damage that is being done. We have to use a cocktail of them because each kind works differently and there is also a range of different free radicals we seek to target. Vitamin C, for example, is very important for healthy cell renewal, especially the body doesn’t make or store it, but — just as one can’t live on oranges alone — it needs some backup. Vitamin A is a little superhero of an ingredient, in terms of providing building blocks for skin cells. Vitamin E, green tea extract and superoxide dismutase are all very important. I try to keep my products’ ingredient edit quite tight (no silicones used as cheap filler), and to choose extracts with multiple benefits. The skin is a living, breathing organ carrying out processes and needs many different types of fuel to do it.”

‘Combination’ and ‘sensitive’ skin are marketing terms.

“Leaving medical issues aside, there are only three skin types you can be born with. Dry types have fewer oil glands than average, while oily types have more. Irish skin also tends to be predisposed to diffused redness. If your skin is suddenly different in one area, it is an issue that needs correction rather than a distinct ‘type’. Skin is supposed to be sensitive, but what’s typically called sensitive skin is actually sensitised skin. This flares up as a result of environment or because of something you’ve eaten, used or done, so it’s worth taking stock of your diet and skincare when this happens.”

Dry skin needs both water and oil.

“Dry is my own skin type and the predominant type I treat. It is important for people with dry skin to seek professional advice on whether they lack oil, water or both. The two work in harmony to create healthy skin. If they are out of whack, your skin will find it difficult to retain moisture or protect against environmental irritants. I’m a big fan of oil cleansers, as long as they’re free from essential oils, for the daily care of this skin type. I use my Skin Comfort Cleanser, €25. I like dry-skin moisturisers that are rich in natural oils and contain very few silicones. Silicones aren’t harmful but they have large molecules that decrease the bio-availability of great anti-ageing ingredients like peptides. These actives won’t be able to penetrate a thick, silicone-rich cream to get to your skin. If you use a natural oil-based moisturiser, like my Hydrating Cream with Hyaluronic Acid, €37, they’re far more effective.”