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Acne scarring dramatically reduced – amazing results

I am incredibly excited to show you the results of our new acne scar revision treatments!

These fantastic before and after images are the first in Ireland from this new technology –

The Pyramid Facelift by Divine Pro is available exclusively from Skin Essentials by Mariga in Wexford, and now in our monthly pop-up clinic in Dublin.

We want to share our very own before and after images with you as the results are fantastic from our Wexford clinic.

Taken six months apart, these images are of a young male client who has undergone a course of Pyramid Facelift Treatments with us here at Skin Essentials by Mariga.

Before and after picture of indented acne scarring showing dramatic improvement in depth and colour after a series of Pyramid Facelift Treatments from Skin Essentials by Mariga in Wexford Town

Pitted acne scarring treated with Pyramid Facelift technology at Skin Essentials by Mariga

Although these fantastic results are taken immediately before and two months after the scar revision treatment, it is worth noting that this client was already compliant with a great homecare routine to control breakouts and strengthen the skin and had previous skin treatments with us.

It is for this reason that we were able to get such fantastic results with only 3 treatments.

The better condition your skin is in before these advanced technologies are used, the better your results will be.

For this reason, we do a comprehensive consultation before deciding on any treatment path and will wait until the skin is in the best possible place before going in with the big guns! For some that may be days, weeks or even months but it will be exactly what is right to give your skin the best result.

We have programmes for all types of acne scarring from red, flat post-inflammatory lesions, through to deeper indented scarring and will create a personalised programme exactly for your needs.

Schedule your scar revision consultation with us at Skin Essentials by Mariga in Wexford Town by calling us on 053 9145981. The initial consultation is €25 and is redeemable against your first treatment. This consultation will allow us to determine suitability for advanced treatments.

We are exclusive stockists of this Divine Pro technology in the South East, you won’t get this anywhere else!

Up to now, this type of acne scarring did not have a non-surgical solution, and even the medical treatments offered were quite daunting, including deep medical-grade peels and dermabrasion requiring significant downtime so that makes us extra excited to be able to offer treatments with little to no impact on your day-to-day life.

Most experience just a few hours of redness and heat in the face after each treatment.

Do you want to find out more or check your suitability for this treatment? Call us on 053 9145981 to set up your appointment or book online for Wexford and our monthly Dublin pop-up clinic.

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Red marks left after spots?

Whether it is an occasional spot or pimple, or a more serious case of acne, a common feature of many spots is that even when they are gone, they will leave a red mark behind that can least for weeks or even months.

Acne scarring, skin essentials by mariga, wexford

These marks can even be permanent in some cases – usually when the damage is so deep (as in cystic acne spots) that the full depth of the skin structure is damaged, or due to damage inflicted by picking or squeezing.

Even when the damage is not that deep and you have resisted picking, the red marks can hand around for a while after the original spot is long gone.

What causes them?

When you have a spot or pimple, the body sends healing resources to the area which are transported in the blood. This is why the area initially gets red and inflamed.

Sometimes when the spot is healed there is some redness left behind as the tiny capillaries that carry the blood to the skin have become enlarged and more dense in that particular area, meaning we can see them through the top layer of skin.

Many times this will fade over time as the capillaries return to a normal size. The weaker your skin is in general, the longer this can take. So, in this, as in many other things, prevention is better than cure.

In a skin that has the benefit of a good diet, optimum hydration and appropriate supporting skincare, these red marks will vanish much more quickly than in a compromised skin.

To help them fade faster, you can make sure that your skincare includes Vitamin C (Hydra Collagen Serum), Vitamin A (Age Slowly Serum), and essential fatty acids (Lipid Repair Concentrate).

In our clinic, some superficial acid peels or LED light therapy may help to speed up the fading.

Sometimes, the capillaries remain enlarged and the red area never fades. While this is no harm, most people don’t want this visible damage left on their skin.

In these cases we can consider using diathermy in isolated areas to reduce/remove the red patches where they have visible capillaries involved, or Trifractional resurfacing treatments where the red mark is more scar-like and definite in shape.

For more information call us on 053 9145981, or book a treatment online by clicking the link below:

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