Combat Summer Skin with these simple tips:

Each year we re-share our expert advice and tips on seasonal skincare and how to ensure your skin is prepared for the extreme heat of the summer sun to the extreme cold and wind-chill of the Winter months. You can adjust your skincare accordingly to have your core base, but introduce a treatment serum or visit the facialist to help combat the seasonal change.

Another issue during the Summer months in particular is your sunscreen and how to wear it properly, both under your make-up and especially when your skin looks and feels more oily when you’re out and about in the heat.

In Mariga’s latest podcast episode on, she talks about just that… SPF tips in the Summer time, take a listen:

Oily skin in the heat?

This is found through humidity and is so common. Because of the perspiration on your face, you may notice enlarged pores and breakouts particularly in the Summer season. As mentioned in our podcast above, your SPF cream or make-up can latch on and look clumpy.

  • Pores
    • Pores can swell in the heat and trap any dirt or debris in your pores such as oil and sweat. This will irritate your skin.
  • Breakouts
    • The blocked pores slows down the excretion process which can cause little pimples around your nose, chin or hairline.
  • The Solution?
    • CLEANSE! Cleanse your face more often to unblock your pores from oil and sweat.

Wearing make-up as your only source of SPF?

This is really not advisable: some foundations contain SPF, but there isn’t enough SPF in them to get full protection.

How can you wear SPF with your make-up throughout the day?

  • We’re told to reapply SPF about every 2 hours, especially when out in the sun.
  • If you wear make-up every day this will be tricky to do…

You have 2 choices:

  • If wearing make-up, cleanse your face and reapply every few hours (Not ideal, we know),
  • OR don’t wear foundation so you can easily top up your SPF.


I would recommend not wearing make-up when you are planning on being out in the sun so you can top up your SPF for protection.

Protecting your skin is the ultimate goal.

Top Tip: Putting foundation over your SPF using a brush or sponge etc, interferes with the SPF cream you have underneath.

  • I would recommend leaving your SPF on your face a while before putting your foundation on.
  • After your morning cleanse, put your SPF on and go about your morning routine before doing your make-up.

If you do wear foundation, Mariga recommends using a Mineral powder make-up with a soft brush as it would be best for leaving your SPF cream in place underneath.

P.S. Don’t forget to protect your skin on your whole body inc. hands and neck (the first places to see signs of ageing)

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