As skin treatments become more and more scientific, I think it is a good time to look at the question of whether skin treatment is more science or art.

I believe that it is a blend of the two.

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The science of skin chemistry and technological advances have come so far in recent years that it can be easy to believe that simply having a set course of treatment or using a particular product will get the same result every time.

Certainly, marketing is slanted to encourage that belief.

But really, this is an impossibility. Yes, for example, microneedling is a tool that is used to build collagen thereby reducing wrinkles and smoothing skin.

But is it the same treatment regardless of who performs it? Definitely not!

How can this be?

If the device manufacturers protocol says ‘use at ‘x’ depth for a duration of ‘y’ minutes, should the outcome not be predictable and uniform? Well, the ‘how’ of using any tool can only ever be a guideline and is usually included to satisfy insurance requirements.

The practicality of using this tool is that every skin you see will be to some degree thinner or thicker than the last. On any one face the skin is thinner and thicker over different areas.

This is where education (NOT brand training) and experience come in. Any seasoned and up to date skin therapist knows the many, many nuances that different types of skin can show.

Add to this the differences in our skin at different times of the year, different times of the month, genetic predisposition, individual sun damage etc. etc. etc. and you can begin to appreciate the professional judgement element that each therapist must use in every individual case.

To add another layer of difference, in our example of microneedling, having the professional treatment is only half the story. There is no point in stimulating fibroblasts to make new collagen fibres if you are not also providing the building blocks.

Targeted collagen-building home skincare is essential to the outcome. Without it, it is like pressing the accelerator of your car with no petrol in the tank, you are getting nowhere!

(Ever have microneedling that just didn’t work? This can be why).

Art or science? Definitely both!

This reasoning of course does not just apply to any example of microneedling, the same can be said for peels, radiofrequency treatments, and our most popular anti-wrinkle treatment – The Pyramid Facelift – will never be the exact same series of setting for any two clients, we choose the intensity of various aspects for the second treatment on the results of the first!

My recommendation – always look for the most experienced therapist possible for whatever treatment you want, be it skincare or any other discipline. Choose someone who specialises in the area you are interested in.

Feel free to ask about qualifications, specialisations, advanced training and insurance. Ask about independent training in skin science and related topics.

Any therapist with this level of interest in investing in their education will be a great option. You will not offend anyone – I promise you we love to talk about all our expertise!

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