If you saw my Facebook live video from earlier this week, we addressed a couple of things.

Number 1: We’re suspending treatments at this time until 29th March.

For the full statement see here.

Number 2: That doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with your skincare at home!

As a first at Skin Essentials I have made a professional product available for home use as a special kit because I trust you, our clients, to use it. What makes it a professional product is that we usually use it only in the treatment room, but don’t worry, it does not require special training or licence to use! It’s actually quite simple to use with maximum expert skin refining results.

This kit contains:skin refining, pore refining, covid 19, skincare, skin essentials, wexford, compromised skin,

  • Skin Comfort Oil,
  • Skin Comfort Cream
  • Professional Refining Skin Polish.

Note: contains aspirin derivative (this is the salicylic acid ingredient) so on the side of extreme caution not to use during pregnancy or aspirin allergy 

Refining Skin Polish: 

This is a gentle powder combining four active ingredients for cellular renewal and skin polishing: 

  • Horsetail powder to smooth and clean Skin refining, pore refining, covid 19, skincare, compromised skin, exfoliation, skin essentials by mariga, wexford(also antiseptic and nutritive).
  • White willow powder (salicylic acid) smooths, anti-clogging agent and anti-inflammatory.
  • Retinoid (vitamin A derivative) increases the rate of cell turnover.
  • Ascorbic Acid (brightening, anti-oxidant and lightly exfoliating).

Use alone on all skin types or after enzyme exfoliator (for extra boost if skin is in very sluggish, neglected or dull state). Mix half a teaspoon with warm water in the palm of your hand to begin dissolving actives, and gently massage into skin for two minutes. Remove with warm water/cloth.

If using after enzyme exfoliator there is no need to remove the enzyme first.

Mariga x