You know that you want to get your skin under control.

You know that you need to start using the right products and maybe have some clinical treatments or facials to achieve your goal.

But which ones??

Often we see people who want to book in a course of treatment because it worked for a friend, or they have seen it recommended by an influencer or advertised in the media.

While it is great that we have so much information at our fingertips sometimes it can lead to even more confusion with information overload! There are so many skin products, treatments and conflicting advice and opinions out there, how can you tell which is the most relevant to your own skin concerns?

The answer is that you really can’t, not by yourself. Skin health and appearance is an extremely personal journey with many contributing factors, so there are as many answers as there are individuals.

You need to get personalised advice from a professional skin specialist who can then guide you to the perfect routine for you, based on your personal skin journey to date and targeted to your future skin goals.

At Skin Essentials we can make you a personalised roadmap to bring you to where you want to be with step-by-step recommendations for daily skincare as well as any corrective treatments you willed to achieve your goal.

The new year is the perfect time to set your skincare target. I have been working on my own skincare roadmap for 2020 and share it with you below to show you what you can expect from a Personalised Skincare Plan.

I set out my main skin concerns/ goals for the year and break down what steps I need to take to achieve them. It makes it very clear and helps me stay on track! Usually I reassess halfway through the year to make sure that I am achieving what I set out to do, and make any tweaks necessary such as compensating for the effects of any new medications, hormonal changes or sun exposure for example.

This January I am offering a Personalised Anti-ageing Plan consultation free of charge to any of my existing clients who want to take the next step in their skincare journey. Places are limited so please contact us at our Wexford clinic on 053 9145981 / 086 3823608 to secure your appointment now.

Mariga x

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