The natural vs chemical skincare debate shows no sign of abating with more and more products putting themselves out there are ‘free from’ this chemical and ‘free from’ that chemical and bragging about their ‘natural’ credentials.

I say, ENOUGH already!

First of all, EVERYTHING is a chemical, whether it is naturally occurring or lab-produced. Let’s use the correct terminology. All ingredients commonly used in skincare will with be extracted from a natural (usually plant) source, or synthetically produced in a lab. The word ‘chemical’ is usually used by marketing departments to frighten you into thinking there is something bad in the competitors product and you should choose their ‘natural’ one. Eh, no!!! The word ‘natural’ has no legal definition in the beauty industry and does not indicate the absence of synthetics. Just read the label. Heard of most of those ‘natural’ ingredients? I don’t think so. Also, a truly natural ingredient would go rancid in a few days without some stabilising synthetic ingredients. The horror!!!

Let’s cut to the chase: does it actually make any difference to your skin? Nope, not a bit.

Is Skin Essentials by Mariga a natural or synthetic product? We use both, each ingredient chosen for it’s safety and it’s usefulness to the skin. As it happens, we do use a very high percentage of botanical extracts, (many more than most of the companies that are shouting about how they are ‘free from chemicals’), because they are the best choice in each case, not because your skin can tell the difference. It can’t.

Which brings up another bug bear of mine: why would you market your product on what is DOESN’T contain? Surely you would shout loud and proud about the great ingredients that ARE in your product……..

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