What age is your skin? Does it know, or care?
I’ve seen several new skincare ranges on the market at the moment aimed specifically at younger skin, generally the under 25’s market. They tend to come in funky packaging, be purse-friendly and use words like ‘light’ and ‘refreshing’. Sounds good, yes? Well, yes except for one glaring problem: skin cannot be categorised by age. I’ve long had this problem with products being classified ‘for mature skin’.

Are we to be told that all skin under 25 has the same issues and can be treated in the same way? Or that everyone over 50 has the same skin type? Rubbish, just more marketing ploys.

We all are born with the tendency to one of three general skin types. After that, skin condition is variable at different times of the month/year and depends on lifestyle, environment, diet, products used and a myriad of other temporary fluctuations.

Corneocyte Compaction

What we must do is treat for our basic skin type with the right products and lifestyle choices which will give our skin all the nutrition and energy it needs to effectively deal with temporary fluctuations itself.
It is not unusual for me to treat a mother and daughter with similar if not the same products, as some of our skin deficiencies can be inherited. Just yesterday I prescribed the same homecare routine to a man in his late fifties and a girl in her early twenties, both suffering from grade one rosacea.

My skin now, at 43, is better than it was 10 years ago. But how on earth should I choose my products then?? Oh, I know, by my skin’s needs not some marketers idea of what I’m most likely to buy!
It’s perfectly possible that these new products are nice (that depends on the formulations, not the sales pitch), it’s just the marketing that I have a problem with. Picking your skin type out of a magazine or guessing in a pharmacy is no way to treat your poor skin that has to last you a lifetime. Say goodbye to guesswork and expensive mistakes. Have a professional analysis with Skin Essentials by Mariga done and watch your skin get better.