I’m always asked what I use on my own skin, often enough that I thought I would make a blog post about it!

We customise every home care routine to the client’s exact needs so what suits me may not suit you, even if you seem to have a similar type skin, but this is a good guideline as to HOW to approach a skincare system for any skin type.

For the record, my skin has dry tendencies and, like anyone in their 40’s, I am concerned with anti-ageing and my current routine reflects those needs. I say current because it is open to change as the weather/diet/stress/medical issues all can impact the skin and cause changes, and we constantly adjust routines to deal with that

Here are the products I am currently using and why:


Skin Comfort Cleanser: this is a constant, it cleans the skin and removes makeup without drying.

Collagen Serum: also a daily use for me, this is anti-ageing to the max, also brightens.

Overnight Repair Cream: vitamin A to reduce/prevent lines and pigmentation spots, a great anti-ageing partner to the Collagen Serum.

Hyaluronic+ Moisture Boost: traps water in the skin for hydration and plumping, also peptides for anti-ageing.

Lipid Repair Concentrate: Supplies ceramides, essential fatty acids and oil-soluble anti-oxidants for general skin health and suppleness, as well as oil flow regulation

Nourishing Oil: heavy duty facial oil for very dry or dull skin.

SPF30: day cream with minerals & vitamins.

So, these are the products I currently have in rotation, and here is how I use them:

Evening: Cleanse with Skin Comfort Cleanser
4-5 nights per week I mix Collagen Serum and Hyaluronic Serum and apply to damp skin.
Follow with Overnight Repair Cream.
The other nights or if my skin feels dry (when I drink coffee!), I cleanse then apply either Lipid Repair Concentrate or Nourishing Oil depending on the level of moisturising I need.

Rinse with warm water.
Apply Collagen Serum or Lipid Repair Concentrate
Apply SPF30 day cream

I also use a home roller with my night serum when I remember and have clinical treatments once every 4-6 weeks, anything from a facial to an acid peel depending on what I need. Remember, we care for our basic skin type at home, revision and correction are done in the clinic.

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