youth-boostAnti-ageing is a huge issue for countless men and women in our society. As our culture becomes increasingly obsessed with youth, so we have become increasingly obsessed with finding the one product or ingredient which will slow down the ageing process in our skin. The search is on for the ‘miracle in a bottle’.
Well, I have great news for you. The miracle already exists and you have access to it. Instead of looking for the miracle cure from without, we should begin to appreciate and utilise the miracle within.
The miracle really is the skin itself. It carries out countless complex functions every day to keep itself functioning at its best. Look at a child’s skin – no magic potion needed there, their skin is functioning as it was designed to.
Now, of course all the body’s processes slow down as we age and after puberty when the sebaceous glands mature we can no longer aspire to the ‘poreless’ skin a child has but we can access the miracle of nature by feeding the skin what it needs to carry out all those amazing pre-programmed functions. It already has the capacity to strengthen and renew collagen, protect itself from irritation and inflammation and regulate oil and water flow. Unfortunately, this miracle work is interrupted by bad lifestyle choices. Skincare laden with fragrance and other irritating ingredients shorten the life span of each skin cell. It is known that we have a finite number of these in our lifetime, so the aim should be to keep each one going as long as possible. Smoking, sun exposure and processed foods also have a negative impact on the skin. None of this is news, I know it’s just easier to hope for the miracle in a bottle but it just doesn’t, and won’t, exist.
Keep a healthy diet as far as possible, don’t smoke, protect yourself in the sun and use sensible skincare designed to give your skin what it needs to carry out it’s miraculous functions. That’s the secret.

For serious anti-ageing and reduction of existing signs of ageing; lines, pigmentation spots and dull skin use our Collagen Support Serum (currently on sale!) and SPF30 during the day and Overnight Repair Cream at night. No promises of miracles here, just skincare that works with your skin to help it reach it’s anti ageing potential and give you your best possible skin.