1. Wear SPF30+ daily. UV rays are the No.1 skin ager.
2. Avoid processed sugar in your diet. It leads to inflammation and collagen and elastin breakdown, forming wrinkles.
3. Drink plenty of water, at least 1.5L per day, more if you work out.
4. Avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol, they will dehydrate the skin.
5. Eat well, a variety of fruit, vegetables and salad ingredients for nutrients and anti-oxidants. Oily fish, nuts and seeds for Omega 3&6 (or take an omega supplement if there is no medical reason why not).
6. Give the skin the nutrients it needs to carry out it’s many functions. Look for Vitmins A,C,E, anti-oxidants, ceramides, essentials fatty acids and epidermal growth factors in your skincare.
7. Don’t over-exfoliate! Stripping the skin’s natural barrier leads to inflammation, which is just another word for ageing. 1-2 times per month is plenty.
8. Never use perfumed or grainy skincare products, both lead to inflammation and on to premature ageing.
9. Have your skin professionally assessed. Don’t guess your skin type or needs! Department store choice can be overwhelming. Invest in a thorough skin consultation and analysis from a reputable aesthetician who will give you a home care routine to keep your skin healthy and strong for life and you will never spend money on the wrong products again.
10. When budget allows, have facials appropriate for your skin type. If you are lucky enough to still have young, healthy skin, take care of it now with appropriate products and facials and you will never have corrective work to do.