Holistic treatments and facial therapy is new to us here at Skin Essentials.

Am I a witch doctor?

No, I am definitely not. (I heard this for the first time from someone this week in conjunction with the word ‘Holistic’).

As you know, he do high tech treatments here at Skin Essentials, i.e. Pyramid Facelift, microneedling etc.

Since we’ve reopened in May, we have been combining treatment courses for some clients with both high tech and holistic, to gain incredible results.

Now, we have a new therapy coming that is going to be a super-hyper customised facial, gaining the same results working on the reflex points of the face as you would on the body. We are very excited about launching our new holistic facial treatments.

Listen to our podcast below for more info:

We are taking pre-bookings for this treatment for August and September, so if you’re interested in booking in email us at info@skinessentialsbymariga.com.

For more information on our range of holistic therapies, see HERE.