Prematurely aged skin: are you over-processing?

Nine times out of ten when I am consulting with a new client the first thing I have to help them address is over-processed skin. It seems that regardless of skin type everyone is overwhelming their skin with too much deep cleansing, exfoliation and stimulating or irritating skincare products.
I addressed over-exfoliation in a previous post but I see so much over-processing that I think it is worth looking at in more detail.
There seems to be a culture of more is more prevailing when it comes to your skincare regime but this is hurting, not helping. Constant stripping of the skin’s natural defence layer (the acid mantle) will weaken the health of the skin over time, resulting in premature ageing.

What does this look like on the skin?
-Fine lines, particularly around the eyes and top of cheeks.
-Uneven colour or persistent redness.
-Microcongestion in the pores, a bumpy feeling under the skin, particularly on the nose and chin.
-Flaky patches that come back soon after exfoliation.
-Blemish marks that take a long time to fade.
-‘Shine’ to the skin even though it can feel tight and dry.


Have your skin and your current products professionally assessed. (See the Skin Essentials by Mariga Skin Analysis prodcedure here). You can’t guess this, using the wrong products for you will just make matters worse. Even if a friend is getting great results from a product does not mean it will work for you. Everyone’s skin is different.

Never use products that are fragranced, whether with artificial perfume or essentials oils. Neither is native to the skin and will cause inflammation, leading to premature ageing.

Always treat your skin gently, it is a living organ that is busy carrying out millions of biochemical processes each day to keep you healthy. Don’t scrub it!

A great duo to begin repair on over processed, prematurely ageing skin is our Hyaluronic+ Moisture Boost Serum (applied daily under your SPF day cream) and our Nourishing Oil at night after cleansing. Theses will help repair and restore over processed skin so that you can then move on to stronger anti-ageing treatments when your skin is healthy enough to process them.

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